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10 Month Transformation


Image 1 January 2007, No gym for 4 years
Image 2 April 2007, Smooth, but gained 40lbs
Image 3 August 2007, Leaning Up
Image 4 End Oct 2007, after carb reduction for 7 weeks.

I am almost 37 years old. 5'11" tall (180cms). Currently weighing in at 215lbs. Peaked at 240lbs beginning of Aug 07. Current stats are:

Ideal	Actual	Variance

Neck 17.8 18 0.20
Biceps 16.7 17.5 0.80
Forearm 13.9 14.2 0.30
Chest 46.4 49 2.60
Waist 34.8 33.5 -1.30
Hips 41.7 40 -1.70
Thigh 25 25 0.00
Calf 16.7 16.45 -0.25

Current bodyfat using Jackson/Pollock 3 Caliper method:

Abdominal 14mm
Chest 8mm
Thigh 10mm
Bodyfat 10.3%

Future Plans. Hit 8% bodyfat level. Maintain this until Jan 2008, then start gaining some mass again.

Supplements at the moment, whey protien only.

Current Diet:

Meal 1: 75g Oats with skimmed milk and whey protein.
Meal 2: 1 Apple, 125g Yoghurt, 35g Whey Protein.
Meal 3: 1 Chicken Breast with leafy salad.
Meal 4: 1 Apple, 125g Yoghurt, 35g Whey Protein.
Meal 5: 1 Chicken Breast with Leafy Salad.
Meal 6: 1 Small baked potato, 300g Cottage Cheese.

Snacks Nuts and Dried Fruit

Current Training:
Session 1: Chest & Triceps
Session 2: Delts, Bi's, Abs
Session 3: Back, Traps
Session 4: Thigh, Hams, Calves

Training, Mon, Tue, Thu, Sat. Training each part once per week.

Please feel free to leave comments on progress so far........


That is an incredible transformation for only 10 months! Great work!!!


40 lbs in 3 months...humm. What did you use?

Not knocking your development because I don't care about aas use or not, but I'm wondering how you can get 40 lbs in 3 months.


Are your measurements in cm or inches?


Rock, if i remember correctly from his last thread, i think muscle memory could have had atleast a little bit to do with it.



great transformation


Yes, if he had an extra 30 lbs of muscle from the past it would come back in 4 months of good lifting and nutrition. 40 lbs in 3 months is insane even for a newbie on AAS!


Measurements in inches.

The massive weight increase even surprised me. Basically, I just hit it hard as I could, and fed my face with as much food as I could get my hands on.

As for AAS, since January, I have done just 1 short 8 week cycle, this was during the months of June and July. Followed by full on effort to maintain gains, which I beleive I have achieved.

Maybe Jan 2008 I will do another short cycle. I strongly believe that you benefit most from long off periods, where you gain back any losses before hitting it again. Most ppl i know can't do this, it fucks them up mentally, and as soon as they drop a couple of pounds they are straight back. They seem to loose the ability to train naturally. I for 1 do not intend to loose this ability, and will only use AAS as a little bit of icing on the my big cake.


Wow, can't believe it has been November 2007 since I last posted here. I have decided to compete, got 10 weeks left. This is what I look like now:









Great work man, legs are lagging a bit though since you did post this on RMP.


Looks like you have continued to work hard since you last posted.

Have you read The Mighty Stu's thread in the bodybuilding forum? Called 'Countdown to first contest'. If you've not read it, I would def check it out. Like you he had trained for a long time before competing and there is a wealth of info in there about how he cut down...and he won 4 trophys in his first contest too!


If I had ask that I would've gotten flamed..damn the injustice here...LOL


i've been transforming as well. i bet you get the comments i am getting along the lines of some people saying you are built while others say you have lost some weight. you are generally mesomorphic so even though it's obvious you have dropped BF, the transformation is especially evident in your face on pick 3 and 4.

great job!

you are looking like an older football player in your updated pics =D