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10 Minute Workouts?


Here's the deal...at work we get two 10 minute breaks a day, and lately a couple of us have taken the opportunity to knock out some quick and intense workouts with some nasty weights we have brought into an open space at work. What we have is two barbells (not olympic, but they do the trick) and about 150# of weights, plus 15-30lb d-bells, a pullup bar, and a forklift we use for dips.

Can anyone give me any ideas for which exercises could be done to maximize the workouts? Usually do 3-4 sets of dips for one workout and maybe french curls in the afternoon, or curls. Pullups one workout, curls the other. Military press one, upright rows the second.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks



Do this:


It takes 4 minutes to do and you'll be left dry heaving, uncapable of performing basic human functions, and most likely wishing you didn't do it. Have someone time you and push it. Should do the trick.

My training partner and I do it when we are pressed for time through the week, I think it works great.

Nice Gixxer.


A few things come to mind:

Whatever you go with, even though it's a fun little time-killer at work (and get all sweaty midday... yay?!?), it should still compliment your current training. For example, if you're training for size, two 10-minutes sessions of complex training might not be the best idea.


I would opt for a pre-exhaust approach. Let's say you want to hit your back, take the DBs and do a set of 2 arm bent rows to failure, then immediately jump on the chinning bar. Rest a minute, then repeat until your alloted time is up.

For shoulders, you can do side laterals into shoulder presses. Triceps? Do Db French presses into dips (find a chair, or bench or something). I'm sure you can get pretty creative with the proper motivation.



Wow great ideas guys, thanks!


Shit, I vote for pushing the forklift. That sounds like fun! Woohoo shoulders, back and posterior chain!! :smiley:


If there's room behind the building today, I just might push that forklift, otherwise maybe french curls/skull crushers supersetted with closegrip pushups


I would be inclined to either use the extra sessions to concentrate on a lagging bodypart - OR to increase general conditioning with lactate/circuit style workouts.