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10 Minute Squat Challenge - Any Brave Enough to Try?


If option 2 wasnt and option, I doubt I could do this with just the bar. The lactic buildup would be literally unbearable.

Saying that I might do my attempt tonight. Squatting to a single every day is getting stale, so I’m going to try this.

Tonight is supposed to be ab work aswell, so maybe Ill do front squats…


Rather stick my head in a blender


Excellent response, LOL.


Made 3.25 minutes for 8or 9 reps. Not beating myself up over it. I did a shit ton of singles at 135 yesterday. Will try it again Monday and see if I can make it 4 minutes…:rofl::rofl::rofl:


If you want something leg related: 10 minutes worth of step ups to a kneeish high box while wearing a 10/20/40/80lbs vest (or no vest or a filled backpack or just hugging plates) would be a good challenge.


Didn’t have the lungs for 10 minutes.

Managed 101 reps in 7:46, finished 5 minutes ago, still laying on my back panting like a dog


I didn’t even come close, made it 4:23min and managed around 54 reps. Shoulders gave out before anything else.

Edit: I have brought shame to my ancestors. Gonna do this once a month to see how I progress and because I’m crazy.


Holy shit!


Might be cheating but I switched (without racking) from low bar to high bar after about 30 reps when my shoulders started to ache and back started to cramp


I was doing front squats haha, I wanted to trying to get it overhead and onto my back, but I couldnt even do that.

Only rules were no reracking so i think you are good.


Since I’m coming back from injury doing a much lighter than average but high rep type challenge might be just up my street! I might give it a go.


I did that too, and every so often I’d switch to wide stance then narrow then back to wide.


All these little tweaks to help make it easier whilst staying within the rules is making it feel like power lifting.

This challenge is no longer a true test of strength…


I’ll be giving this a go soon, finishing up my current program.

Did 185x50 today, took about 4:30, but obviously I was dead by the end. Pinky’s performance was strong. Not sure if I can top that but I’ll give it hell.

Was hoping to see more challengers on this one.


Solid effort
Thanks for the reminder, Ill do mine tomorrow


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but there’s no chance I’ll be trying this anytime soon. Both my knees are in terrible shape right now. I did a couple 5 rep sets at 245 yesterday, and that’s as much as I could tolerate. I can’t do any real volume right now, the inflammation just gets too severe.


What happened?


good question.

I really havent done much squatting for the past year. I had a period earlier this year that I was able to squat for about 6 weeks in a row, but the pain came back.

Early last year, I began to develop tendonitis in my left patellar tendon. The key to healing from this particular type of injury is generally rest. You have to stop stressing the tendon to let it heal. Well, I was constantly competing and training for comps last year. I did one about every 2 months. So I never gave my knee time to heal. I took off most of December, and when I got back in the gym, I was able to squat again, as mentioned above, but the pain did come back.

I believe the right knee injury came from leg extensions. It’s pain across the top of the patella. One day, after leg extensions, I felt the pain, and it has never gone away since then. Again, rest is likely the solution.

I had planned to take about 3 months to work on healing from my injuries after Nationals, but I don’t get to do that since I qualified for World’s. After World’s in September, I will work on the problem.


There was a cool squat challenge on Brian Alshrue’s (sp?) site:

With 40% 1RM.

You squat 2 reps EMOM, adding 2 reps every set. So…

Minute 1: 2 squats
Minute 2: 4 squats
Minute 3: 6 squats
Minute 4: 8 squats

Minute 12: 24 squats

And so forth until you cant get your squats completed in the minute - re-racking is okay.


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