10 Minute Squat Challenge - Any Brave Enough to Try?

Who wants to do a fun but brutal challenge with me?

It’s called the 10 min squat challenge. The bar stays on your back (or front) for 10 minutes. You try to do as many reps as possible in that 10 minutes without racking the bar.

I was thinking of using 225 to start with. I will attempt this next week.

Anyone else want to join in on the fun??

EDIT: The challenge is 135lbs as the base weight. 10 mins max reps no racking. If you rack challenge over.


Unless your name in real life is Tom Platz, I would suggest you start with, at most, 135#. Even that is likely to be too heavy.

Someone who used to do dumb stuff like this back in the day


I feel like I have one more dumb thing to try in the gym before I’m done doing dumb things. 135 is what I will start with lol.

Good luck. If, at the 5-min mark, you’re still upright with 135# across your shoulders, color me impressed.

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I’ve done 135, and it was blindingly miserable. 225 actually makes my stomach uneasy.


Forget squatting–I would venture that, for most of us, it would be exceedingly difficult to just stand for 10 minutes while shouldering 225#. (I know I couldn’t do it at this juncture.)

Can’t even begin to imagine how one could rack the front squat and hold it for 10 minutes at 225, let alone squat lol

Isn’t 10 minutes of 225 lbs a bit much for spinal compression? 135 sounds like hell on earth. Honestly, 10 minutes of literally nonstop bodyweight squats wouldn’t be fun either.

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I’ve done lunges with 135 on an SSB for 100+ reps a couple times (it probably took me close to or over 10 minutes). The upper back fatigue is by far the worst component.


I think my biggest issue would be not hitting depth for an entire 10 minutes and having none of the squats count.

SSB or buffalo bar would at least help keep the shoulders from falling off.


The challenge is not the squats, it’s enduring the internet commentary on whether your squats should count or not.


Well, you get three attempts, so this shouldn’t be an issue.

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you supplying the puke bucket?

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Not really, but I’ll be happy to engage in petty arguments about the rule set, depth requirements, supportive gear and other ways people who are stronger than I am make lifting weights unfair to me. Nobody likes a cheater.


Ive done a 10 minute amrap of bodysquats
The thought of adding another 100kgs to my already existing 121kg body weight makes me nauseous

Im in lol


I’m in, but it will be 3 weeks.

Just did 135x50 in about 4 mins a few days ago. Supposed to squat 205x50 in 3 weeks.

I would suspect over 100 reps in 10 mins to be a target.

225 is out of the question. At the 5 min mark you’d be begging for mercy and out of strength, not just oxygen. Which would make it boring.

So yeah, I’m in, in 3 weeks.

Incoming 10 min videos!

F**k no (not if I have work the next day in any event), but I’ll keep an eye on how those participating do with it…

I think the real question is if you’d rather do 10 minutes of 225lbs squats or 225 minutes of 10lb squats.


I’ll be the first of the ladies to try.

I’ve accomplished 20 reppers with 225.

135 seems…attemptable lol.

Have no idea how many muscle relaxers it’s going to take to recover from 10 mins of that, but…I’ll try.


Would you squat 1 polar bear sized goose 225 times?