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10 Min KB Snatch Test



Have any of you guys seen norm. tables for the military 10 minute 24kg kettlebell snatch test? Apparently it is used by the secret service and the russian special forces as an entrance test.

I have tried the test twice now, using a 25kg db as I have not got a 24kg kb and scored 108 and 110 which i thought was prestty good but apparently the record in the secret service is 237!!!

As I understand it, you just snatch the kb from the floor to overhead as many times as possible in 10 minutes, changing hands or resting as and when you want to.

Needless to say, its a pretty tough test and a great finisher after a workout.

Thanks for your replies!



You really can't compare the KB to the DB snatch, since the weight feels COMPLETELY different. Although in theory, it might actually be harder to snatch the DB for reps, because you can't use the grip-saving techniques that you can with a KB.


Thanks for your input - I realise that I am trying to compare apples and oranges, plus I lifted over 100KG more in my dumbell version. Was just interested in what the scoring table for this test looks like.




ask (PM) Nick Radonjic here on T-Nation ... he's a regular poster ... I've seen a video of him nonstop KB snatching for something like 3 minutes!



I have one of Charles Staley's EDT videos on which he has Tim Larkin doing kb snatches for a 15 min PR zone. From memory I think he got 107 reps with each arm. He was sweating heaps by the end.


There's a 5 minute version too...that goes long with the Tatical Strength Challenge event. Also three attempt deadlift and tatical pullups complete the competition.
I've hit the 5 min version with 89 reps using the 53lbs kettlebell.
It's a gasser!



Thanks for the responses guys.


The U.S.S. Snatch test is 10 minutes with a 53# KB. You can set the KB down and switch hands as often as you would like to.
You do not have to start each snatch from the floor, between your legs is fine.

Also, no gloves, straps or wraps.
I did 171 outdoors in July, the limiting factor was my hands were torn to bloody shreds, and the bell became a bitch to snatch with all the blood.

Next time I do it, I'll do it inside, as humidity is a factor.
There is lots of debate about technique, but the original test were done with an over the fist snatch.
Numbers were not what they were looking for. A guy that gets 200, but then stands there for 2 minutes or quites will fail. A guy that only gets 100, but keeps trying is what they are looking for.


What does the test qualify you for? SS agent like Alias? And is it the only part of the pt test. That would be a very cool job.


This sounds great for cardio. Any chance of oversuse injuries with so many reps?


This is a pretty cool test but I do not know when will a Secret Service Agent be snatching KB's.


Well they (The S.S.) use it as a gut check in training, kind of a mile stone.
It is a good test for cardio, grip, technique and power generation.
I wouldn't advise doing it every week, but doing 10 minutes, broken up into increments within 20 minutes is a good workout, a couple times a week.
I'll do it again, it lets you know a few things.
Try it.


Yes, but Larkin is a big pussy. (please do not tell him I said that). In Staley's/Larkin's EDT KB snatch workout, the KB is set down occasionally to allow for rest. If I recall correctly, this is not allowed in the Russian KB Challenge - it's nonstop. The specific rules are laid out on Dragondoor/Pavel's site, but it's so f*cking poorly organized that I can't find it anywhere this morning.



The way I performed the test, I basically did 10 - 12 reps in around 40-45 seconds, wrote down my score, and went again when the second hand hit 12 o clock, so kind of did 10 sets with 15 or so seconds rest in between. The last minute or so was spent trying to crank out as many reps as possible to beat my last score.

Was an absolute sweat fest'!

Its on for today as a finisher again so will post my score later...



just did my workout and finished with 25kg KB snatches for 10 mins. Managed 118 so very pleased - this is 10 reps better than my first attempt. (not to mention hot, sweaty and generally exhausted!!!)

My short term goal is 150, then who knows...



I just competed in the National Strength Challenge and my 5 min snatch score was 132 with a 53 pound bell. It was a PR for me. I also did 467.5 DL & 18 pullups. Great Competition.


Mike - thats a damn good score! You managed more in 5 mins than I do in 10!!!

In my defence I am using 1 25 kg DB as I have no 24 kg KB :slight_smile:

Sounds like a great comp...what where the events?



You're probably right about the Russians, but they only do them for 10 mins, not 15.