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10 Miles Back Again



Today’s work:

Clean and press: 10 reps at 60kg, broken up however.
Seated press: 10,8,6 x 40kg, 12 x 30kg, 20 x 20kg
Cable row: 5 x 10
Incline cable raises: some
Db six ways: some

First “bodybuilding” style day in a while. I think I’m going to leave these sessions as pretty free form for a while, let myself figure out which movements I “feel” most etc. And to allow for different session lengths. Seated presses I think should be a mainstay though. Got to keep some things constant.


Work for today:

20mins uphill treadmill walking. God this is so tedious. Will have to do something different tomorrow, can’t face another session like that.


YouTube videos and headphones make this far easier to do.


So fun fact: recalculated my calories using uncooked rice weight instead of cooked weight. You know, the way I actually measured it the first time. That was a nice surprise. Live and learn though I guess.


I actually weighed my rice last night because I’d lost track of how much was a cup (by weight). I don’t use a measuring cup when I put together my food; I use a scale. It turns out it’s quite simple. A cup weighs 8 ounces. Go figure.


I don’t normally weigh my food. If I buy 1.5kg of chicken in a week, I just split that down by meal. They’re probably all wrong individually, but the weekly total will be right. I can’t really do that with the rice though, and I don’t eat it often enough to eyeball it either.


That’s what I did before I got a scale as a gift. It works as long as you don’t share your food.


My better half has an extremely limited palate, to put it nicely. We don’t eat the same stuff very often. I do share with my little man though, whether I like it or not.


Bit of a weird session today. Was only expecting to get 20mins in the morning (so obviously it became bench day) but a quick half hour opened up in the arvo, so back to the gym for squats it is.

Bench: worked up to 70kg x 12, some back off sets of 10 @ 60kg (I don’t remember how many, it was far too early)

Squat: worked up to 90kg x 5. This 5s PRO thing is pretty slow going. Volume set after: 50 reps at 60kg, any way necessary. Add 5kg to the bar every time you rack the weight. Was trying to punish myself for pussying out early. Probably need to make the weight increases a bit more substantial for that to work though. Did it in 3 sets.


That’s a nice approach.


Have you considered this?


Honestly? Probably would if I knew I was going to be doing only 20mins a day for an extended period. At the minute I just don’t know what training time I’m going to have from one week to the next though so it’s a case of have a vague outline of a plan and just modify it day by day to fit with what time I have. At the minute thats vanilla 5/3/1 on bench, 5s PRO squat, with some form of high rep squatting supplemental as the core and “other stuff” added in as and when I can.


I get bored easily, so my approach this time around is to keep the “core stuff” the same and keep making steady progress there and give myself free reign with everything else. Mixing up the accessories and supplemental keeps me motivated and halfway sane. I figure that if I can go a whole year consistently hitting my bench and squat 5/3/1 sets and Making progress on them, I stand a good shot of achieving my goals.


Quick back session in a spare 15mins:

Trap bar Reeves deadlift. Super wide, super uncomfortable grip ~3 x ~10 @80kg

Kroc rows: 2 x 25 @ 25kg.

Every set superset with 20 band pull apart.


Finally time for a proper session.

Bench: worked up to 75kg x 10 then a couple of back off sets at 60kg
Rows: 3 x 10 @ whatever was on the machine when I got there.
Seated press: 4 x 10 @ 40kg
Squat: worked up to 95kg x 5. Weight felt light, form felt awful, knees felt fucked. Nearly overbalanced on last rep.
Then: 20 reps at 70kg. Hits my lungs more than legs.
Did a couple of rounds of complexes after at 40kg, mix of rows, front/back squat, press and Powercleans. Couldn’t find one that really felt right, so opted for:
30 clean and press at 40kg, rest in the “top of deadlift” position. Same principles as complexes but simpler


Quick AM session again:

Seated press: some
Tbar row: also some.

Really wasn’t keeping track of these, just trying to keep moving and get the volume in. Probably about 8 rounds total, with warm ups ~10 reps per set. Top weight for press was 40kg, top weight for the row was 35kg


Inspired by @jackolee, just finished food prep for the week. My failures in terms of nutrition have been poor planning, so this week I’m confident of 100% compliance.

Cooked up:
About 3kg of chilli
About 1.5kg of spiced chicken
A large container of “Spanish rice” (its Spanish because it’s got peppers in)
Two portions of “shakshuka” (one minus eggs)
10 chicken sausages.
Made up 6 bags of “porridge mix”

All set for a good week.


Fantastic man! Makes life so much easier. And for us it keeps eating out to a minimum which saves money as well


Diet plans work best for me when I make them a habit. Having to try a few things out to adjust to stuff like less sugar and eating lots of rice and finds stuff that fits into my life with minimal effort. Quite excited to see how it all works though.

Then I just need work to calm down so I can get a more regular lifting schedule and plan that properly.


Quick session:

Bench: worked up to 70kg x 13 then some sets of 10 at 60kg

Technically a rep PR but mostly out of stubbornness than strength. Would definitely have called that earlier under normal circumstances