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10 Miles Back Again



Just watch fat content in meat. It’s crazy how much there can be in some cuts of steak and pork. Also milk has quite a bit of sugar. I do unsweetened vanilla almond milk. 30 calories for 1 cup.

I’d cut bread, but if you want it do whole grain. Mission makes a whole wheat carb balance tortilla that isn’t too bad either.

Other than that looks solid


What’s your height, age, and weight?


I like sandwiches! They taste good but they’re also great for work. It’s nice having food that I can eat while driving.

I went through a phase where I put everything on a Hawaiian bun/roll. Eggs, chicken, lunch meat, hamburger patties - everything went on a bun. That’s probably why my stomach grew more than I’d like.

I think you’ll be fine as long as you go with maintenance and don’t just throw caution to the wind.

That sounds pretty good if you don’t have insurance to help out. Does the TRT screening check everything or is just a simple testosterone test?


Its checks:
red blood cell count
white blood cell count
kidney function
liver function
iron status
heart disease risk

Its worth the £120 to have a check.


I don’t really eat pork, and I usually eat steak pretty lean. I don’t really enjoy fatty meat.

I pretty much only have milk as part of my shakes. About 1 pint semi skimmed with two scoops of whey in it, comes out to about 500 calories. Is the milk likely to be a major issue if I’m having it with protein, while active?

I will probably cut most bread, that’s sustainable and something I’ve done for long periods. I think all bread is unsustainable for me though.

I’m 32, 6 foot and 187.2lbs as of last night.


I love sandwiches, but I’ve avoided them for a long time. I have tortillas regularly if I can’t face rice again, and toast sometimes because sometimes it’s just staring at me, wanting to be eaten.


Probably not, but unless you simply just really like milk I can tell no difference using almond milk as far as flavor or texture goes. I too only use it in shakes and coffee. I’m all about cutting out sugar and calories in the easiest places possible and that’s one of the easiest for me personally

With your stats I think 2700 is pretty high. I’d try to figure out where maintenance is and cut 500 calories a day.

If it were me I’d probably do 225-250 p 150-225c and less than 50f


Shit that’s expensive. I go to the doc once every 6 months. $40 and my test runs $15 a month. Anastrozole is $4 monthly and nolva is $3. Bloodwork is covered 100%


In the UK we don’t get that luxury. Trying to even get TRT here is like getting blood out of a stone. I only know one guy gets it legit from his doctor. Everyone else is self medicating. It’s shit like, you have way better doctors.


It’s more a cost and hassle thing. I currently have about 1-1.5litres a day, mostly at work. Semi skimmed is always available there so it’s free and minimal effort. Almond milk is something to consider trying though. I don’t think it would be that much hassle or cost, and might even limit my intake a bit.

I’m trying to take a break from a calorie deficit for a while and stay at, or slightly above, maintainance. 2700 is roughly that, but I’ll adjust based on weigh ins or measurements.


They have better doctors if you want TRT, not better doctors.


Yeah I’m talking in TRT context


If your goals are losing fat then jacks recommend cutting the milk ( im useing almond milk unsweetened ) and cutting all breads. It comes down to how much you want to progress. There’s no real cutting corners. As long as you are dropping around 1-2lb a week it’s going fine. Try it out for 2 weeks and see if it makes a difference. I’d bet it would


Jack definitely knows what he’s talking about with fat loss. I just think I need a break from it for a while, to be honest. A few months of maintaining and hitting the gym harder.

I’ll give the almond milk a spin for a couple of weeks because it seems like a useful thing to do for any goal, and cut bread out completely when it comes time to lose some weight again.


I know what you mean I was gonna cut for the transformation but there’s a lot going on in my life right now. The mindset for dieting isn’t there . Hopefully bulk up this year and get my personal problems ironed out and for 1st Jan I’ll be heavier and ready for a proper cut for next summer. I’m not happy with my size I want to grow!! First then to a size I’m happy with. Not too fussed on a little fat gain that’s inevitable lol anyway good luck on your goals bud


And you man


In an effort to cut sugar from my diet, what’s the best way to make coffee drinkable without sugar?

Any ideas?


First off I don’t have any issues with using artificial sweetners. I use truvia when I can, but don’t feel that a little aspartame here and there is going to kill me. I know others feel strongly on this issue.

I order the variety pack of coffees from HEB. Texas Pecan, Houston blend, San Antonio Blend, and Snickernut Crunch. I like black coffee but when I want something more tasty I add unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a little trivia and sugar free vanilla syrup. They have it at most groceries. It’s like getting one of those sugary good drinks from Starbucks. Love it!


Awesome, thank you.


Current approach:
Calories at 2750 per day, broken down as ~40% Protein and carbs, 10% Fat. As many sugar sources as possible removed.
Lifting will follow a Mass Made Simple approach with bench 5/3/1 with PR sets, squat 5s PRO, then high rep squats and complexes as described in the article. Squat progression will be made up on the day (before lifting). Bench assistance may be added later if needed. Every 2nd or 3rd session will be made up of a more bodybuilder approach focussed entirely on shoulders and back.

Work for today:

Bench: worked up to 15 reps @67.5kg
Squat: worked up to 5 @ 85kg
Then 2 x 20 @ 60kg
3 rounds @40kg of:
6 Powercleans
6 front squats
6 presses
6 back squats.


Bench work includes one or two “over warm up” singles, usually I work up to the working weight in triples, then add ~10kg and do a few singles before stripping back to working weight and doing the working sets.

Squat work was either too light a weight or too light on reps. Definitely limited by lungs not legs, although the lower back pump was pretty serious.