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10 Miles Back Again



Work for today:

Morning cardio still cancelled due to not being able to breathe properly still.

Press: worked up to 35kg x 5 then 3 FSL at 30kg
These where far too easy. I know I’m trying to take a run up at my press, but this might be too far back.

Side raises: some
Rows: lots
Squat: worked up to easy top set of 5 at 90kg then 3 FSL at 70kg.
No issues at all about squats going up, really hope that all this submaximal stuff pays off, it really is boring as fuck
5 sets of 20 walking lunges, 6kg per hand.


Morning workout: abs circuit. All sorts of stuff like ab wheel rollout, pallof press, back extensions, hanging leg raises, trx jacknifes, that weird ab curl thingy they have at the gym, etc. In one massive make it up as you go along circuit. I had the gym to myself and i was making the most of it. I guess this is the gym equivalent of starfishing out in an empty bed.



I typically aim for 65g fat with total calories of 2500 most days, with 2 days of 800 calories . I am absolutely a rank amateur in terms of nutrition and body composition though, so I honestly have no idea if my approach is smart or not.

If i have to add extra fats (most days), i eat some nuts. That’s pretty much my go to source, not a big fan of oil or oily dressings and i hate avocado with a passion.


Wait… you eat only 800 calories two days a week?!?


Yeah, they are pretty unpleasant days. Only been doing it for about a month now, and I’m definitely not sold on the benefits yet.


I’d have to do some reading but I’d think you’d be in a catabolic state like 25% of your week doing that. Start taking measurements to see if your loosing muscle mass.


Thanks for the advice,

I’m due a check in middle of next week when my replacement scales arrive, so I’ll reevaluate then.

Bear in mind I have significantly less muscle mass to lose than most.


If your losing size in areas where you don’t carry much fat then your loosing muscle. Your calf should be a pretty good example. You gotta be pretty fat to carry much in your calf lol.

On the other hand if your maintaining or building but loosing size in the waist that’s awesome! When we do measurements we measure bicep, calf, thigh 9 inches from top of knee cap, waist at belly button, chest at nipples, widest point of shoulders, and neck


Is that a modified version of the 5/2 approach where you eat at maintenance 5 days a week and then fast 2 days a week?


Exactly that, yes. The modified version that was featured on this site. It’s unpleasant but we’ll see come Wednesday if the results speak for themselves.


I have a record of many of these measurements going back to about August, so we’ll see what the progress is come wednesday(?).

Tracking on my scales is delayed until Saturday so will likely be next week.

@jackolee, how often do you do measurements?


Once every few weeks or so. Try to do them at the same time each day. The amount of water in your system can really affect them believe it or not


Thank you.

I’ve weighed myself at the same time every week since about August do I definitely have a good set of data there. Measurements have been more hit and miss. Gutted I didn’t start measuring and taking photos from day 1, I think the difference would have been a big motivator when patience starts wearing thin.


Work for today:

Early morning session: 20 mins uphill treadmill

Evening session:
Bench: 5 x 70kg top set
3 x 5 @ 55kg FSL
5 x 5 pull ups
Squat: 5 x 95kg top set
3 x 5 @ 75kg FSL
back extensions
5 x 10 walking lunges.

Been a while since I had a day where everything felt heavy and shit. Glad to just get the basics done and move on. Probably lack of sleep and long day, I’ll reassess if it continues.


The old early morning uphill session. Do you do it fasted ?.
If the weather is dry I would do this fasted upon waking. There is a massive steep hill down the road I use. I would use some BCAA in my water bottle. Once I get home id have my breakfast meal. It certainly wakes you up in the morning, haha


I may start doing that, the issue being that I already get up at 4am to get these sessions in. If I were to train first I’d either have to be up at 3:30 or seriously rethink my food choices so I can eat in the car after training.


It’s not completely necessary. I think the most important thing is having a setup working around your times, something sustainable. I once tried training late at night and couldn’t sleep anymore than 3 hours, sitting there wide awake. Another thing I tend to do is carry a couple of pre cooked meals, normally turkey or beef with rice in the boot of the car in case I get held up with something. I’d just eat that cold, shovel it in quickly.


You guys need my work schedule. I’m off Monday - Wednesday. I’m home with my two year old on those days and we go to the YMCA for two hours each day - usually around 11am.

I don’t have any days off with my wife except for school breaks but I have a pretty wide open training schedule three days a week.


Sometimes it’s a balancing act, especially with children involved. I have no little ones yet, so got a good routine going, hitting the gym for 10am every morning.
That could quickly be changing this year if my wife gets her wishes ha

My brother has 6 kids. His gym life is basically dead :skull:


I did most of my heavy lifting at midnight last year. Still do sometimes. As long as I give myself an hour or two before I go to bed, didn’t cause me any issues sleep wise. As a rule, I’m pretty sleep deprived though, it may be different if I had a decent sleep pattern