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10 Miles Back Again



I’ve seen that video, i’m pretty sure i’d notice if it was a torn ACL


Wish I could help but I’m clueless here.


Is it painful at all, or just noisy?


No pain, just a clicking sound


It could be crepitus then. I’m not a doctor so take it with a grain of salt of course, but from what I understand it’s a fairly common thing and unless there’s associated pain there isn’t a huge cause for concern.


Thanks for the input. I’ll ignore it until there’s pain then. Wasn’t looking forward to trying to build much of a squat with this approach to be fair


I find the best remedy is music loud enough to cover up the sound of my knees during squats.

I’m susceptible to tendonopathy around the knees, so I figure the two are related. YMMV of course.


I guess if I listen to a wendler playlist, I might learn to squat like him.

Cheers man


I’ve definitely missed logging a few times in here. No sweat I guess.

Quick “Not doing jack shit” session today.

Bench: worked up to 70kg for an easy 10
Then 5 x 10 @ 55kg

Squat: worked up to an easy-ish 5 at 92.5kg

Assistance will have to be done early tomorrow.

Last session of this cycle, I think I will tweak slightly for the next 2. Cut volume and increase intensity on BBB sets and walking lunges. Use the time to focus on smoother reps for bench and lower back work for squats.


Early morning session:

10 x 10 kb swings. 24/36kg bells.
Some pull ups between each. Somewhere between 3 and 5, because I forgot to count most of the time.

Pm session:

5 rounds:
10 sit ups
30s plank.


Early morning session:
Uphill treadmill walking 20mins

PM session:
Bench: worked up to 62.5kg x 5 (easy, explosive reps. Trying to cut volume and focus on explosiveness and getting less sloppy with these now)
3 x 5 paused bench @ 55kg
Triceps work
NFL rows
Wide/neutral grip pull downs
100 plate front raises (5kg)
Squat: easy 82.5kg x 5
3 x 5 paused squats @72.5kg
25 walking lunges each side with 4kg dbs (only matching set I could find upstairs)
Back extensions: 2 x 20

Just looking at this long list of exercises makes me think after this short cycle, I need to put some serious thought into training economy.


Missed a quick session yesterday.
5 x 10 leg raises
5 rounds of 36kg kb swing followed by Sprint start.

Planned loaded carries after but rain was coming down a bit heavier than I was comfortable with.


Work for today:

Bench: Top working set of 67.5kg x 5. Very easy, fairly stable. Not quite as explosive as I’d like though
SSL: 5 x 3 @ 60kg. Tried the first set as 1.5 reps but just didn’t feel like it was achieving what I wanted it to so did the second two with a slight pause and as explosively as possible.
Cable rows
Rope pull downs
100 rep plate raise (If you can call 2.5kg a plate)
Squats: solid top set of 87.5kg x 5. Knees still feel weird with it but no pain and no struggles so I’ll leave it be. Hips definitely coming first slightly so I need to be investing more time in lower back work and focussing in driving up head first.
FSL: 3X5 @ 70kg.
Back extensions: 2 x 20


Half a workout today but will likely get some form of session in everyday for the next week or so, so I’m not too bent out of shape about that.

Bench: worked up to technically solid and easy 5 reps at 70kg
SSL work at 62.5kg. Most paused, all very, very easy.
Cable rows
Quick pyramid set of 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 clean and press at 50kg, superset with reverse pyramid goblet squats at 30kg.
10 push ups, 1 kb swing
9 push ups, 2 kb swings etc.


Quick session of 20mins uphill walking. Threw in a few short runs because I forgot headphones and was getting bored.


Making up for missing out on squats the other day.

Worked up to an easy 92.5kg x 5
Then 10 x 10 at 50kg. 50 total pull ups between sets.
Not as challenging as anticipated, probably should have gone heavier. Last 2 sets of 10 I combined to get within the 30min time limit I set myself.


Trying to force myself back to the boring basics (again), although at least this time round I seem to be pretty good at keeping the minimal 5/3/1 5’s PRO work going, even if all the other work tends to go a bit off piste. I feel reasonably confident that If I keep up the basic 5/3/1 sets for the remainder of the year, I will hit my strength goals of 400lbs squat, 300lbs bench. I need to keep that at the forefront of my mind.

Today’s work:
Bench: Top set of 5 x 67.5kg, 3 x FSL at 60kg (was too lazy to strip the bar down to the right weight)
Pull ups: 5 x 5 (chose a normal width pull up station, compared to the very narrow, neutral grip set up I usually use in the squat rack so was definitely much more difficult than anticipated)
Dips 5x5 much easier than anticipated because the rack I chose was much more stable than I normally use.
Squats: easy top set at 87.5kg, 3 x FSL sets at 70kg (again, too lazy to strip the bar)
Walking lunges: 5 x 10 each leg, carrying 2 x 4kg kettlebells. Probably a bit light, so I’ll make bigger jumps than planned as I progress.


Had to cancel a lot of cardio sessions due to not being able to breathe.

Work for today was about 2 hours bouldering at my local wall. Man, I got weak and clumsy. Hands are beat to shit as well, but felt good to be back on the wall. Would love to make this a regular thing as I think it fills in a lot of gaps in my training. And also, it’s fun.


Suburban dadhood requires sacrificing some former hobbies, but a few short years ago as a young man living in the city, bouldering was one of my favorite activities. Awesome workout, fun as hell, sense of achievement when you finish a new route. Always had a blast.


I started bouldering when I was about 10, and spent most I my teenage years doin it. Kinda felt like going back to then, absolutely loved it.