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10 Miles Back Again

Work for today:
50 burpees.


Time for 100 mate ?

Probably, as one off workouts sometime. 50 is fine for a daily habit though. I’ll probably progress to navy seals or 2 pumps rather than just doing more.


I was thinking - when are you going to push the boat out and do 60?

Spend a few weeks there then push on again.

Daily gambits like this one can be a great way to do incredible things. The first time I got any chest development was by doing 100 press ups a day for about 6 weeks. I remember the realisation actually.


Fine, I’ll start adding some navy seals in, but if I start getting better results, you’ve only got yourselves to blame.


Work for this morning:
5 x 40kg
3 x 50kg
3 x 60kg
1 x 65kg
2 x 70kg

5 x 70kg
5 x 80kg
5 x 90kg
5 x 100kg (5 jumps)
5 x 105kg (5 jumps)
5 x 110kg (5 jumps)
5 x 115kg (5 jumps)
5 x 100kg (5 jumps)
5 x 105kg (5 jumps)
5 x 110kg (5 jumps)

50 pull ups throughout


  • Made a deal with myself that if I could double 70kg, I’d call it there. If I missed, I was going all the way up to 6 singles to get my PR. Worked like a charm, felt as comfortable as my recent singles have, if not more comfy.
  • Those squats absolutely suck. It looks so easy on paper, but it’s far from it. Maybe my mind wasn’t in the right place today or something, but these sucked. I’ve said this before but this is the last time I take advice from @T3hPwnisher.
  • Also worth mentioning: Lower back is feeling really cranky with these squats so will try and get some hyperextensions done on none lifting days.


Very happy for you. Your press has been stuck for a while right? The idea of just making 70kg a “thing” is working out. Soon you’ll be pumping out sets of 5.


Over a year, technically. I first pressed 70kg around this time last year. This approach is so simple, and so low volume, but absolutely working.


I can personally vouch for 100 done 10 emom being a disgusting way to get this done - go for it @dagill2!


I love having you test pilot all these Dan John programs. I’ve got so many on my bucket list. And you are fantastic at just getting after it as well. So don’t sweat it: squats ALWAYS suck, haha.

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Impossible not to notice, it does not appear stuck any longer. You have frequently singled 70 over the past many weeks, and now a double. I don’t recall you hitting it so often last year.

Ready for 72.5, for sure.


@T3hPwnisher glad to be a guinea pig. It’s the combo of squats and jumps here that seems to fry the legs. Feels a bit sucky at the time, but 8 hours or so later and I can feel it getting very sucky very quickly.

Honestly, this is the easiest program i’ve ever followed for Press, and it’s working so much better than my “throw everything at it” approach last year. I’m fighting to stop myself adding more now.

I nearly did it today, but slow and steady wins this race. I’m planning to keep on this kind of simple, slow progression until it stops working. Probably be a few weeks until I go for a single at 72.5kg, but when I make that jump, I’ll expect to do 5 singles within 3 weeks so I need to be ready.


Work for this arvo:

100 navy seals with 3 Squat chaser

Did Squat jumps for the first rep a la @ChongLordUno challenge and quickly decided against it to avoid waking the neighbours. Subbed in straight squats instead, as much as my legs protested. These all sucked big time, I’m going to need to be in much better shape by the next time ChongLord issues a challenge.


Mate the challenge is 3 pumps not navy seals

You’ve actually made it more difficult you madman


Out of interest how long does this take you. I really need to up my burpee game I think.

@ChongLordUno I figured there isn’t much difference between a 3 pump and a navy seal, so I’d get my navy seals in for the day.

@simo74 a long time. I wasn’t rushing this at all, just put a podcast on and got my head down. I think it was in the 30mins region, but I didn’t time.

Even 30 mins sounds good to me.

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I have been meaning to ask, now that both you and @simo74 have hopped on the burpee train and appear to have been fairly consistent for the past few weeks…do you see and/or feel positive changes?

I don’t trust the Chonglord’s answer to this, because he does 4000 a day and if you cut him open he is probably made wholly of molecules that are endlessly doing burpees.


That is a really good question. As I sit here right now with a throat and chest infection it is a little hard to be impartial cause I currently feel like crap.

Things I have seen from 2 weeks of increasing burpees.

  1. I am getting better at burpees. Sounds obvious I know but as I do more my body is learning the pattern and the movement gets a little easier.
  2. Counter to number 1 They don’t get any easier, by rep 25 I already thinking what am I doing.
  3. Pacing yourself is the secret. Too fast and you burn out and that makes them even harder.
  4. As I do more my mind is starting to change in regards to burpees and I am thinking about how to do more.
  5. I haven’t seen any reduction in strength in my other sessions but I am not pushing too hard in my program at the moment
  6. Conditioning is improving, a very small sample of evidence but my prowler work was easier last week than the week before and will more weight on the sled.

I don’t know yet, is the honest answer. I’m reasonably certain that 350 extra push ups a week are certainly helping my press. I’m very certain that I would not have trained everyday for the past however many weeks if I hadn’t done burpees. So that’s their value for me, that I don’t need any real equipment and they can hit several areas that I’m lacking in.