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10 Miles Back Again

Glad you had a great holiday. I’ll try and get a weight check as well before starting tomorrow morning.

In fairness it’s may not be so monstrous if your TMs are pretty low. I think I set mine fairly - 90% of my recent all-time press PR; my recent max triple for bench; and my best recent triple for squat - But all these are pretty low weights, and perhaps I’m more “wired” for reps than weight?, so tomorrow’s percentage work doesn’t look too daunting. Everything else will make up for that, of course! TBH I’m dreading the lunges the most. Those are miserable.
Good luck tomorrow!

@jdm135 each individual session looks OK, it’s the volume that may be dialled up too high for me right now. But if I can get the food down my throat, and cobble enough sleep together, that’s an awesome thing.

Work for today:

5 x 5 @ 45kg

5 x 45kg
5 x 60kg
5 x 70kg
5 x 80kg
5 x 90kg
5 x 95kg

Leg Press:
10 x 130kg + sled
8 x 150kg + sled
6 x 180kg + sled

Walking lunges:
3 x 20

Hamstring Curl:
3 x 8

3 x 8 @ 110kg

Pull ups:
10 x 5 spread throughout session

100m EMOM for 6 rounds.


  • Squats felt much better. Still way weaker than I’m comfortable with but I am going rock bottom with a decent pause so it’s not quite an apples to apples comparison.
  • Leg Press is still too light, I think. The ROM is so ridiculously short on these, even when I tilt the seat all the way back.
  • Forgot to load lunges. Realised halfway through and decided to just cut rest times to basically nothing instead.
  • Ran out of energy halfway through SLDL again. They aren’t particularly challenging physically, but I’m pretty beat up by then so I find the mental aspect of forcing myself through them pretty tough.
  • @carlbm onto week 2 of the conditioning thing. I’m unclear about whether 5 mins EMOM means 5 rounds or 6 rounds so I did 6 to be safe. This hit me harder than I thought at the end of this session.

week 2 is 5 EMOM. 6 is getting hard now right?

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Now this is the part I’m leaving out - my conditioning sessions have dropped off dramatically with the new baby around.

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Yes, but mostly because I was already spent from leg day. I think it would be fine fresh. Its taking me best part of 20s to get the 100m though, so the final weeks of every 30s look pretty serious.

Yeah, I’m very much being silly and trying to have it all. We’ll see how that shakes out.

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Work for tonight:
Brain Alsruhes push ups ladder thingy:
1-10-1 pushup, stand up after every set.

Was going to do 100 burpees, but I didn’t think my legs were up to it.


It’s ok man. @aldebaran done them for you

While wearing some nice socks may I add


I may take a trip to Burpee Town after work tomorrow. I’ve got a date with my Sandbag in the morning.

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I’m glad you used this phrase. I will now throw Burpee Town into the same category as Skid ROW aka places I never need to visit.


Skid Row did have a pretty cool album though.


Work for this morning:

Carry medley:

65kg Sandbag
2 x 25kg plates
1 x 20kg sandbag

3 rounds, plus set up and tidying away. Set up and tidying away were probably more brutal than the actual workout, it’s a long way from my garage to the flat piece of grass.


Work for tonight:

100 burpees

There you go.


Yes the insanity is infectious. If these keeps on I might end up doing some :wink:


0/10 would not recommend

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I already know how bad it is which is why I havent done them.

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Nope. Not liking this. @simo74 stay strong with me; resist the burpee!


I am right there with you @Frank_C happy to give support from the sideline whilst doing me own thing :wink:


Work for this morning:

10 total reps @ 60kg

5 x 60kg
5 x 70kg
10 x 70kg

50 reps AFSAP at 52.5kg

3 x 8

Shoulder superset (plate raises and cable raises): some

Rower thingy: 5 rounds EMOM, 100m


  • Back and biceps are sore as hell today, think those carries did something. Skipped pulling and added more pushing, will do a dedicated pull day later in the week.
  • Still disappointed how week my Press and Bench are, work to be done there.
  • I can already feel I’m going to need to eat like a champion to sustain this.

That’s a good take on BBB. What %tm is that, 50?