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10 Miles Back Again

@anna_5588 Do you not have a Russian department at your school? I wish I could have started learning Russian earlier, in college. But I also minored in Germanic studies and, on top of my major and other requirements, truly didn’t have the space to tackle it.

@T3hPwnisher Regarding philosophy, I do think the 19th century was far superior. There were so many more gems then. But I do find 20th century history more compelling.

@doomyguy I don’t typically read a lot of recent fiction (dabbled a bit last month), but I heard so many good things about this that I can’t resist.


Work for today:

10 x 10 kg swings (36kg)


I wrote too soon. After having just finished it, I think you can remove Flow from your reading list.

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Not one that’s worth reading despite disagreeing with it? I find that those reads can be educational too. They sometimes teach me more about me than books I agree with do.

It’s not necessarily about disagreeing with it. It felt like an annoying uncle chiding me at the dinner table with a poorly articulated, whiny argument.