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10 Miles Back Again

My parents taught me how to “make breakfast” on the weekend by introducing me to the box of poptarts. I learned you didn’t even need to heat them, haha.

Both apply. Taller you are, more lbm you have to burn calories. Whether or not one is “shredded” or simply a skinny fuck…well, there are other factors at play, obviously.


What determines stomach size? With my kids, I read that their stomach was the size of their fist when we first added cereal to their diet.

So if I have a bigger fist than someone else, is my stomach bigger? Does that explain why I eat more? More importantly, is that why I’m always hungry?

I’ve found little relationship between stomach fullness and hunger personally. My hunger is definitely psychological over physiological. I’ve demonstrated as such to myself by having a very full stomach from a variety of fibrous veggies and other low calorie/filling foods and still feeling both full and hungry at the same time.

But it varies by individual I imagine, as evidenced in the success seen in stomach reducing surgeries. I suppose that might also have something to do in the instances of those that only understand eating until feeling full vs eating simply to eat.


Partly this, but I also think there is a physiological component that can, in my experience, be manipulated quite a lot.

Steady eating patterns, enough sleep, plenty of fats and protein at time when you expect to feel hungry all do the job for me. I went a long time living off one solid meal a day while losing weight, and I was rarely hungry enough to be distracted.

In my instance, it’s so persistent it’s white noise. To the point that, when I DON’T feel it, I get alarmed. It’s typically a sign that something has gone wrong.

I did a variation on the 5/2 diet for a bit, and even on that I think I rarely crossed the line into genuine, can’t be productive, hunger.

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I’ve had this experience when I’m trying to go low carb. I can eat but never satisfy a deep hunger. If I eat some bread then it immediately disappears.

I have the same experience. Except if I eat bread, the hunger will resurface pretty quickly. My solution is fat and protein, does the job for me.

Very easy. I slept 3 hours and drank yesterday, and I could go outside right now and destroy it despite almost never running and having no meniscuses

@JMaier31 don’t you deadlift more than 500lbs no problemo? I think you’re too hard on yourself, and I’m pretty sure nobody wouldn’t think your strong.

Personally 2.5X in the squat… lol I’m aiming for 170 a tiny bit over 2X and I would be ecstatic

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If we are back talking about Wendler’s challenge stuff, the squat is just one option. He indicates deads and trap deads work as well. Which I personally consider a bit odd, because a 2.5 squat is way harder for most people. Isn’t it?


For 90% of people indeed, but some few really long torsoed individuals will find the opposite true.

Not anymore. It’s not “without problem” territory and I doubt it ever will be. I’m not sure if I’m going to push that anymore.

I think really good squatters could relate to this. Folks like me who are better at pulls are doomed.

Wendler has high standards and applies them to everyone. I think most of his current clients are high school school athletes, too. Personally, I don’t think he cares about setting goals for guys in their 30s who train for fun.


I would have said so, yeah. I’m not expecting to be able to squat 2.5x within the year.

I’ve got a pretty long torso, and I don’t find squat to be easier. Not even close.

I actually read this article as exactly who this was meant for.

“Not for competitive athletes” “not for beginners”. Difficult, for sure. Especially as we all instinctively looked at the highest level for all the areas, but achievable. Nonpoint setting easy standards.

Work for today:

5 x 40kg
5 x 40kg
5 x 50kg
3 x 55kg
8 x 57.5kg
7 x 57.5kg
8 x 3 @ 60kg (ss. Wide grip pull ups)

Giant set (3 rounds):
15 x trap bar press
15 x lateral raises
20 x band pull aparts.


  • a but busier than expected today, but still hoping to hit 4 sessions this week.
  • Took 2 tries at the plus set today with predictable results. First one was a tied rep PR I think. Wanted an actual PR because I can’t see an excuse not to hit one.

That always sucks, but if you think about the advice you’d give other people, you’d probably say something about training balance, stress and recovery, if that’s all in order you’d chalk it up to a one off and say ignore it unless it becomes a trend.

Sure you’ll smash it next time (and if you don’t just push press your way to a faux PR).


That sounds like me, yeah.

Stress is reasonably high at the minute so could be related. We’ll see what happens Thursday.


Well, calm down!

There. I told you to it so it worked. You’re cured now.


Where do I send my cheque?

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Work for today:

Jumps: 10

5 x 70kg
5 x 70kg
5 x 80kg
5 x 80kg
5 x 90kg
5 x 90kg
5 x 100kg
5 x 5 @ 80kg

Belt squat:
3 x 20 @ SW ss. 30second bike sprints.


  • Had no real ideas for squat day so just went for a basic 531 set up on hastily calculated numbers (probably the starting point I’ll use in January). Not as easy as hoped but still very, very easy.
  • Did every warm up set twice since it’s been a while since I’ve done back squats seriously.
  • Every rep nice and explosive and paused, but I was playing a bit with stance width which tells me I’ll need more practice at squatting
  • Belt came off after the first 90kg set because my dinner came up in my mouth a little bit halfway through the set… Seemed happy to stay put after I removed the belt.
  • Decided to just smash quads as assistance instead of standard 531 stuff. This was fairly unpleasant, will probably use again.