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10 Miles Back Again

Dude, weightlifting and powerlifting are both weird sports. You get rated on how PRETTY you lift the weights. Never made sense to me.

But on the “press vs jerk” thing, it’s also worth noting physique differences in olympians back when the press was a contested lift vs when it wasn’t. Definitely saw some big shoulders back in the day.


Yeah, I bet. I get why they had to take it out of competition, but I lament the fact that it simultaneously managed to relegate pressing to an afterthought for most people. Or maybe I don’t lament it, fuck stupid people.

Olympic lifting is still damn impressive to me, however.


Mark Rippetoe, as per usual, ALMOST got it right with “strengthlifting” until he made it a weigh OUT system instead of a weigh in so that you’re not actually competing against anyone the entire time you compete. A few strongman comps will do strict press too, which is awesome.

But yeah, pressing needs to make a huge comeback.


Absolutely! I use the technique that allows me to get the most weight over my head. If that was a split jerk or a real parallel stand jerk, you would see me do that. I don’t care at all HOW I lift the weight


That would again be a judgement of how pretty you lift, just like weightlifting and powerlifting. I find that absurd for strongman.
While we’re on it: The rule to not touch your belt on an axle clean is stupid.

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Well, unless I am strict pressing, I agree. I don’t jerk mostly because I suck and it and/or never practice it.

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I don’t feel that is so, primarily because there has been no ruling against back bend in the lift compared to when the Olympics had the event (which, of course, they turned a blind eye to).

Keep in mind, it’s not a floor to overhead event: it’s a strict press event. I think the bigger issue is that the word “press” has been used to describe events that aren’t pressing at all. Same with “clean each rep” when there’s no cleaning going on. I see it in a similar position as ruling out sumo in the deadlift event: it’s simply a different lift than what it being contested.

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To me strongman is about doing it not about how you do it.
How would you even judge a strict press: Knee wiggles, hip moves forward, bar is moved downwards to gain stretch reflex/ momentum before being pressed.

I have seen those meets where they have the strict press instead of the bench press and I like the idea in general but there’s too much going on standing in the way of proper judgement.
That’s why strongman always made the most sense to me: Did the weight move from point a to point b? Full lockout and awaited down command? It’s a rep. What happens between point a and b should matter as little as possible. And yes, sumo fits perfectly into this one and I think it should be allowed if it wasn’t for pulls from height .

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I am curious how you reconcile sumo in that regard.

Ah, well there it is then, haha. We’re observing that there’s at least SOME element of rules being there.

My understanding is it’s specifically bending of the knee that isn’t permitted. That seems easy enough to judge to me, especially at an amateur comp with nothing really on the line. It’s something done for fun. Same way deadlifts get judged for lockouts: you get a “no rep” for a soft lockout based off the criteria of the dead.

I just see it as a different event than floor to overhead. About the only thing consistent in strongman is inconsistency: anything can be tested. I’ve seen a powerlifting style bench press in a strongman comp: drove people nuts, haha.

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Yes, I wouldn’t want to argue that. Another good example is the rule of no double dipping on the viking press.

What about the starting position? A lot of big guys can’t reach a position in which the bar touches their chest at the start. I suppose below the chin would be possible which could be undermined by tilting your head back at the start. Then you have the controversy about starting from a dead stop vs. letting the bar drop and then press up.
I actually posted a video of me doing that on my Instagram story once and since it is the internet someone immediately responded that what I just did was not a strict press.

I like that statement! Although it’s truthfulness depends on where in the world you’re at and at what kind of level you compete (nowadays). Like in professional strongman you see a lot of things being standardized nowadays, compared to the 80’s and 90’s for example, in an effort to make the sport more “legit” and appealing to sports fans.
Then in Germany, where I compete, there is only one serious strongman federation and their comps are actually pretty standardized as well. You still have the typical last minute changes and all of that but the list of events that are usually contested isn’t that long and pretty predictable. We definitely don’t bench press, haha (thankfully).

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No idea.

Yeah, it’s awful. It’s always been a show first and a sport second. Trying to change that just makes both parts of it worse.


I agree 100%

I used to watch WSM religiously before I lifted in the late 90s, early 00s. Now I lift and have some sort of vague understanding of the sport, I don’t really watch it.

On the strict press vs. jerk debate, I’ve got no skin in the game as far as strongman competitions are concerned. If I was going to change strongman, this would be so far down my list of issues it wouldn’t even make it. In terms of weight room lifting, to me the strict press is a more complete display of strength than the push press because the opportunity to “be better” is less, therefore the only real recourse is to be stronger.


Work for today: 20mins prowler pushing.


Dave Tate allegedly used to get out of breath walking from the car to the gym at a time he wasn’t known for exactly being lean.

I saw this convo yesterday and forgot to chime in. This is my reminder to revisit it tomorrow.

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U may not like it but this is what pea performance looks like

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Here’s my revisit of this topic.

@dagill2, if you let @aldebaran s abs be a justification for not doing cardio then you have to remain aware of just how active he is. He needs to eat more than BW(lbs)x20 to gain.

To add my own 2c, from ab people I know personally: none of them do “cardio” but fuck if they aren’t active. They’ll find any excuse to add motion to their day. For instance, they’ll bike even inconvenient distances rather than take the car.

Chill day at the water side? Someone brings a slack line and they’ll spend hours having at it.

Biking to work? Not intentionally trying to get out of breath but they’ll see a fellow cyclist and try and overtake them.

None seem to actively seek out getting out of breath but these behaviours do not even register as exercise for them.

Other common patterns I see: they play sports (b-ball/soccer). They socialise over activity (climbing/swimming+sauna/hiking)

If your lifestyle mirrors this I think added cardio would be counterproductive. If it doesn’t then I suspect scheduling cardio to emulate it is a good idea.

There was another thread somewhere that I failed to chime in on with regards to deficits and cardio and what not and I like Meadows approach here which is when weight loss stagnates say at 2500 calories you want to remove 10%, where 5% comes out of your diet and the other 5% is from increased activity. So eat 125 less and exercise 125 more


Work for today: 20mins prowler pushes and pull ups.

Edit: @Voxel I will reply to this later

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Yesterday I was wondering if I had good genetics or not. Well not for strength with my frail joints.

But yeah when I walk I always listen to various podcasts, and I’m hearing the muscle guys talking about how you can keep abs if you have only one cheat a week bla bla bla

Sure I gained a few kilos, but I’m having 2-4 cheats a day, I’m drinking quite a lot, rec drugs. And it is most of the time like that. So yeah I guess.

Now that I’ll have no choice but to have a cleaner diet, no alcohol etc we’ll see what happens.

No judgement just curious as to what rec drugs (feel free not to answer) because amphetamines would affect metabolism, increase lipolysis, decrease appetite etc. Which could all affect perma abs status positively.


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I usually take them like once a year because well you never know with what it’s cut, and I’m quite mindful of the effects on hormones etc and it takes quite some time to recover. But yeah post lockdown has been very wild, I’ve taken some four times last week, but nothing crazy like one or two thirds of molly each time. Which is not enough to deprive me totally of hunger (perhaps because of the associated drinking which always make me eat like an insatiable pig, especially the day after). But I didn’t know it affected lyposis etc.

Other than that, yeah one time quite an amount of blow with my future boss (he really is a perma party Jeff Seid kind of guy) and one other molly. But yeah, lots of alcohol…