10 Miles Back Again, Becoming Magnus

Fun for this morning:

3 hours bouldering


Lower body flexibility training and some back work later.


How is it going lately, mate? Anything new or coming up in the near future?

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Fun for this morning, and Wednesday morning:

3 hours bouldering
Hangboard repeaters

@Koestrizer i’m doing good mate, thanks for asking. Probably consistently the best mood i’ve been in for a while, to be honest. Works still pretty busy, plus a lot of family “stuff” right now. Not bad stuff, just stuff. The main reason i’m not logging much though is that i’m not really finding myself excited about gym stuff at the minute, and also that most of my sessions are very short and done on the fly.

Training i am doing consistently:
Climbing specific grip work
Upper back work (but not enough band pull aparts)
Lower Body flexibility work
Limited glute work
Limited upper body mobility

Things i’m not doing consistently, but should be:
Specific core work
Squatting (and figuring out what the fuck is wrong with my knees)
Explosive work

So, plenty to work on there. I have plans for fixing most of the “should do” list, especially if it ever stops raining.


Glad to hear you’re doing well, buddy. That’s the important part.

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