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10 mg Dbol


Anyone ever heard of such a thing? White 10mg capsules.



Methandrostenolone has not been a HG product for many years - IIRC it is around 20-30 years.

I would like a link to that site if you would :wink:


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no all the ones i have seen are tablets...the ones i take are british dragon pink square with bd on one side and 10 on the other...now i have had a guy sell me some red caps that were fake............. and he regreted it hahaha


the yellow ones are good too ,ANABOL 10mg,thailand with a snake stmped on them

never seen white ones though im sure theyre out there


I had some UGL 25mgs caps that work really well. Although its a pain in the ass if you wanted only take 5mg doses at a time!


Yeah I decided to not make that purchase. I'm looking around for some online pharmacies. Wish me luck haha



avoid the BD 50MG dbol ,a lot of people are saying theyre pure garbage