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10% Increase In My Deadlift!

Im so happy, I just got back from the gym, and today was ME lower day. My previous max was 305, and today i pulled 335 no problem. This is only my second cycle of westside, so I know these are kinda newbie gains, but its a giant leap toward my goal of 400.

(Im 5’11" @ 180lbs, so this isn’t amazing, but is a PR)

I normally pull sumo, but was feeling my back and abs were weak. So while I was doing EDT, I pulled more with a narrow stance, and started targeting my abs more, with some decline situps. Ive also been doing some zercher squats which nail your back.

Went in, and my core felt solid, just ripped it up from the floor. I stopped short of my true max, because I had already pulled two lifts above my previous max. (Did 295, 315,335)

Another thing was my confidence, yesterday and today, I was getting pumped up to max, and it just felt like 305 was nothing. I knew I was gonna blow that away before I even stepped into the gym

Should I try to go higher next week and milk the gains, or back off for a while? Thanks everyone for the advice on ab training, it helped a ton.

Congrats on the PR. I always enjoy making gains. If you are still a newb as you claim, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be adding reps or weight.


def go for more weight, maybe not a huge jump again, take a stab at an even 350 maybe, judge how you feel.

Are you testing for a true max? As a result of you being somewhat new to it all, it might be advisable to go for a 3-5RM instead of a single, you can still judge with good precision what your true max is and it seems that Joe DeFranco and a few other people reccomend it.

good work on 335

Thanks guys for the support…

Im not really a newb, but im new to westside and ME/DE work. Previously ive been doing 5x5 and similar stuff, but lately have gotten more into pushing my strength up.

I think i could have done 150 today, if I would have started a bit higher, and rested longer. Next time i’ll go for it if im feeling good.

If you can go heavier, then go heavier. That is my motto.

Well done!
Now, do it again!

Nice job man, I say keep it going but keep your fatigue in check and stay tight.

Thanks for the support guys, i’ll give 350 a try next week if im feeling up to it… Let you know how it goes.