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10 Hours In The Gym In 2 Days?


well, maybe 10 hours is alot, but here is my delimma: for about the next 3 months I am only going to have Saturday and Sunday where I can really workout hard. (been lifting 20 years now, so expereinced lifter).

My thought was to basically overtain on the weekends, putting in two 3 hour workouts with that includes the "kitchen sink", anything i can do for that time. One day upper, one day lower. The goal being to create some slight overtraining so that I have a rebound effect on the 5 days I cannot normally lift.

Usually, I lift four days a week on an U/L split or Push/Pull/Legs.

Anyone else been in a similar situation? What did you do to keep the gains coming?


your schedule prevents your from even 1 hour a day?


It's an idea but I can't see you needing (or being able) to go for more than an hr and a half. If you can't fry a muscle in that much time then you're in the wrong hobby.


Overall just a horrible idea.



If you are an experianced lifter, you know this is a ludicrous idea and recipe for wasted time. # of years in the gym doesn't make you an experianced lifter. It's continued education, kowledge, experiance, nutrition, gains and losses, continued education, continued education. And did I say ... CONTINUED EDUCATION. Which means, if you were experianced and educated you would know better.

Train the same.
1 day upper 1 day lower
5 days of recovery is fine. Your not gonna see any losses in that 5 days. And if you have been lifting 20+ years, you'd know that, that amount of gym time will destroy your gains and what you have. And if you have been training 20+ years. My guess is your 35+ yrs of age. So you don't have the recovery capability of a 16-18 yr. So 5 days is fine.

Then again.... I don;t know your goals, or training plan. I only assume its intense. But if its mild and you want endurance, it "could" work. But I doubt many T-Nation members are endurance atheletes?

"train smarter, not harder" -Ian King