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10 Guys You Would Like To Have A Drink With


I selected guys, since if it would be "people" it would just be lists of hot women.
-- Language isn't a issue
-- Select your beverage if you would like

  1. Jesus. Wine
  2. President Lincoln. Local beer
  3. Bob Dylan. Fine dark beer
  4. Lee Harvey Oswald. Taquila, straight
  5. Jack Dempsey. Whiskey on the rocks
  6. Martin Luther King. Coca Cola
  7. Bruce Lee. Expensive Sake
  8. Edgar Allen Poe. Vokda
  9. "Black Bart" Roberts. Rum, of course
  10. Jack Nicholson. Jack Daniels, straight

So who would you like to have a drink with?

  1. Vlad the Impaler
  2. Jim Wendler
  3. Eric the Red
  4. Sitting Bull
  5. Geronimo
  6. Carlos Hathcock
  7. Dean Koontz
  8. Benjamin Franklin
  9. Lou Reed
  10. Jon Bonham

All sessions are to black out or pass out.


1.-10. Betty White: 100% Ethanol.


In no particular order;

Henry Rollins
Jim Wendler
Mike Patton
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Elliot Hulse
Kurt Cobain
Professor X


in no order, and drinks would be whatever the person prefers

lenny Mclean
george patton
keith moon
a viking
george washington
liam gallagher
chris kyle

i know it's only 9 cause ill think of someone else soon as i turn off the computer

  1. Johnny Cash- Jack Daniels
  2. Harold Hardrada - Guinness
  3. Ernest Hemingway- Rum
  4. Thomas Aquinas- Wine
  5. Flavius Aetius- Wine
  6. George Washinton- Yuenglings black & tan
  7. Peter the great- Vodka
  8. Jeff Cooper- Jim Beam Back
  9. Fredrich Nietzsche- Gin
  10. Clovis the 1st -wine


in no order:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
King David
Robert E. Lee
Steven Spielberg
Billy the Kid
Joe Dimaggio
James Hetfield
Jimi Hendrix
Sigmud Freud

EDIT: Richard Pryor needs to be in there somewhere! I want to hear about the affairs with Marylin Monroe, but Joe D. you gotta go! Make room for Pryor.

And while I'm at it, Bon Scott is a fill in if Jimi is too impaired to show up.


Arnold- Hef (good call NorCal)
George Washington- scotch
Jesus- water that he can turn into some baller holy wine
Obama- warm glass of shut the hell up
Michael Jordan- Gatorade
Kenny Powers- whiskey
Spartacus- wine probably
Abraham Lincoln- cherry cola
My Grandma- diet coke (miss you grandma)
Bush 2- coors light


Prof X?? Protein Shake??

Rollins. I like that one tho


MJ= Gatorade. Awesome! lol


this list is for us to all to be sitting around a table eating good food and then adjourning to sit around on the porch, drink, and BS!
in no particular order and it's bring your own booze so I can taste what they like!

  1. "Lemmy" Kilmister
  2. Edgar Allan Poe
  3. Walter Cronkite
  4. Benjamin Franklin
  5. Tom Selleck
  6. "Son" House
  7. George Carlin
  8. Genghis Khan
  9. Sun Tzu
  10. Salvador Dali


1.Sam Adams
2. Jack Daniels
3.Davy Crockett
4.Bob Marley
5.John Wayne
8.Gen. George S. Patton
10.Osama Bin Ladin


I've had drinks, dinner and a Cigar or 3 with Arnold, so here's my next 9

Steve Martin

John Cleese

Hunter S. Thompson

Ernest Hemmingway

David Lee Roth

David Byrne

Bruce Campbell

DB Cooper

Kenny Fucking Powers

  1. Jim Wendler
  2. Dave Tate
  3. Randy White
  4. Troy Aikman
  5. Joe Montana
  6. Bill Gates
  7. MattyXL
  8. Iron Drawf
  9. SteelyD
  10. Steven King


Ice-cold Rolling Rock draught shall be drank with each of the following:
1.) Jesus
2.) Anthony Bourdain
3.) Gregory David Roberts
4.) Stephen Gerrard
5.) Louis Zamperini
6.) Mike Tyson
7.) Sir Winston Churchill
8.) my maternal grandfather ( never met him)
9.) Eugene Sledge
10.) Terry Fox


Can't believe I forgot
11.) Nicolai Lilin (switch from RR to Zirkova vodka for Nicolai though)


King Tut
Vince Lombardi
Ben Franklin
Leonardo da Vinci
Sun Tzu
Babe Ruth
Vint Cerf
Davy Crocket


Interesting hmmm,
Definitely Jesus, King David and Solomon.
Aside from biblical dudes, David Hume, Gottfried Leibniz, Aristotle, Jerry Garcia, Paul McCartney, and Pope Francis.


Did I mention Push? Would definitely like to hang with him....


Yes, I think Churchill would be a pretty good conversationalist. He had a great mind.... And was pretty drunk all the time.