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10 Day Prep?

My dad has just gained a once in a lifetime opportunity to traverse the Alps by ski. He is in decent shape, considering. However, the “considerations” include being almost 50, a sedentary desk job, and a knee that needs strengthening and protection after a skiing injury a few years back. He is not overweight, but really needs some GPP, cardio, and lower body strength.
Now, this offer was made at the last minute, so he has about ten days to prepare. What can he do in the interim to better his condition and reduce the chance of injury? I realize that this is a somewhat ridiculous request. I have experienced significant changes in fitness level over similar time periods during grueling sports tryouts in the past, but I realize that you can’t compare the recovery time and hormonal profile of an active 18 year old to that of a sedentary 50 year old who hasn?t done anything too grueling in a few years.

Any advice, feedback, or miscellaneous tips ‘n’ tricks are appreciated.