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10 Day Layer Cycle (Back & Bi work)



What is a set and rep scheme for the 10 day layer cycle...for rows and preacher curls? Any preferred days to hit these on?


I wouldn't add anything to the 10 days cycle.



Would you consider the 10 Day Layer (not the lower body specific but the other) to be a balanced full body model?


Yes. Worst case scenario you can always add some pull-ups as activation before the pressing workouts.


Ha! More like for my mental activation. Thats a good blend of Bi's and Back though...pull ups.


Brandon, what 10 day cycle are you looking at? I'm currently doing the "squat-focused" one, although it seems to hit the whole body really well. Basically focused on bench, SGHP, and squat with some accessory work thrown in there. Just curious what template your seeing.


@jbal - where is the template for that 10 day squat focus cycle? ive been looking for it but i cant find it


1. Slight decline bench press ramp to 1RM
2. Slight decline bench press from pins just above sticking point, start at 70% of no.1 and ramp to 1RM
3. Slight decline bench press lockout (from pins, last 2-3"), start at 70% of no.2 and ramp to 1RM
4. Slight decline speed bench 6 x 3 with 50% of no.1

1. Front squat ramp to 1RM
2. Back squat, start at 70% of no.1 and ramp to 1RM
3. Back squat from pins just above sticking point start at 70% of no.2 and ramp to 1RM
4. Power clean 6 sets of 2 reps
5. Prowler heavy pushes (as heavy as possible for 20 yards) 6 sets of 20 yards

1. Snatch-grip high pulls ramp to 1RM
2. Snatch-grip low pulls, start at 70% of no.1 and ramp to 1RM
3. Clean-grip low pulls, start at 70% of no.2 and ramp to 1RM
4. Romanian deadlift 3 x 6-8 reps

1. Slight decline bench pres ramp to 3RM
2. Slight decline bench pres 8 x 3 @ 90% of no.1
3. Slight decline close-grip bench from pins (just above sticking point) 4 sets of 3 with 80% of no.1
4. DB shoulder press 4-5 sets of 6-8 reps

1. Back squat ramp to 3RN
2. Back squat 6 sets of 3 with 90% of no.1
3. Deadlift 4-5 sets of 4-6 reps
4. Prowler sprints (moderate weight, maximum speed over 30m) 6 sets

1. Snatch-grip high pulls ramp to 3RM
2. Snatch-grip high pulls, 6 sets of 3 reps with 90% of no.1
3. RDL 4-5 sets of 8-10 reps

1. Regula bench press ramp to 6RM
2. Regular bench bench 4 sets of 6 with 90% of no.1
3. Floor press 4 sets of 6 with 80% of no.1
4. Rope triceps extension 4-5 x 8-10

1. Back squat heels elevated (10lbs plate) ramp to 6RM
2. Back squat heels elevated (10lbs plate)4 sets of 6 with 90% of 6RM
3. Power clean complex (3 power clean + 3 front squat + 3 RDL) 3 sets
4. Prowler for distance (moderate weight and speed) max distance in 10 minutes

1. Snatch-grip high pulls ramp to 6RM
2, Snach-grip high pulls 4 sets of 6 with 90% of no.1

DAY 10
Max out on squat and bench



thank you


@ Playa:

Same one.


I took 7 weeks off the layers, doing other split work. Two days after my High Pull work my abs and traps are sooooooooooooo g damn sore.


I love when my OCD kicks in and I say to CT... "well there is no direct bi or back isolation work in these layers?" CT then cringes. I'll learn someday...after the fast twich bi protocol this thinking should end.


I am finishing up my third week of this split. To be honest with you, I probably have only done about four biceps sessions in the past two months, and never over six sets in any workout. I usually hit back twice a week, one day of 50-100 pullups, and one day of kayak rows and 1 arm db rows. I actually have gotten stronger in my back exercises and my biceps appear bigger and fuller (I may just be leaner, don't know for sure) All this to say I wouldn't worry about biceps too much. They are stimulated enough by the heavy high pulls IMO.


@ JBL speakers: Yeah I hear you. I have some special work to do on the Bi's which CT laid out for me in a different thread. Until then I have an obsession that I need to kill. After that spec protocol I should keep your advice in mind.


I remember him giving you a "bicep regime" for six weeks or so. Put it up here. Maybe I'll try it out now that I haven't really worked them for two months.

Now we got JBL speakers and the iconic "Moby" in the same thread. Epic stuff right there!!


@ JBL:

Go to the thread named "Arms Obsession". It's all there.

Fck'n J Moose Moby dude.


@brandon better get on that arms spec that CT laid out for ya soon or you will be trying to push press with noodle arms before to long man.I read somewhere that If you go to long without an arm day this is what happens so watch out...


@JP Snapper:

lol...for sure. JP, I have a noodle arm for you right here. Its Saturday...and you know what that means. EDT arm day, for 3 more weeks then dropping CT's magic noodle arm plan.