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10 Best Plyometric Chest Exercises



If that's you doing the one arm push ups, impressive. I used to do explosive push ups but strained my tricep while doing them although now I am only interested in push up variations that will either contribute to my chest,triceps development and/or shoulder heath while minimizing possible injury.

Scott Abel youtube channel also demonstrates some exercises which I think you would find interesting.


I loved the superman pushups (4)


Most of those aren't explosive push movements, you're just flailing yourself in the air, or using your legs/core a lot.


Really? I think that you say that because i do some of the movements and exercises with a steady press up, and then i explode at the end to get off the ground. Versus exploding through the whole movement. That could work pretty good too, and be something i try next to make it harder. Thanks for watching and commenting!


I say it because they aren't true plyometric exercises. A lot of people get mixed up with pseudoplyometrics and plyometrics.
For an exercise to be a truly plyometric, the contact/amortization phase has to be like 0.15 seconds.

Thanks for not taking my criticism the wrong way.


Oh Cool! I know what you mean. Ya i remember reading about that before, that a explosive exercise should be done in a fraction of a second, to activate the slow twitch fiber, if i rem. right. So basically the exercises i was doing, can be done even more explosively to reduce the contact. Well that just gives me more variables and variations to work with now. :smiley: Do u do plyometrics? Thanks for posting!


I've done plyometrics before. Not at the moment tho.
There's not too many true plyometric exercises that I can think of.
Depth jumps, depth push-ups, medicine ball drop-presses, maybe barbell drop-curls(probably not tho).


What would you suggest instead?

I sort of this disagree a bit. I have done exercises like theset.
If you sh as soon as you fall, you can get some rapid turnover

The more advanced variation (depth pushup suffers from the same problem.)
It is difficult exercise to sequence. Trust me you can get super sore in the abs and lats
from doing these with very low reps. There but are a lot in the set but that
be th
e quality
he is training.

Also when you get a lot of height , it is easy to tweak your back if you don't raise
your legs.

The behind the head variation or slight raised platforms could possibly offer 0.15 s if you are very quick.


Alot of plyo topics on here today. Just to weigh in on the semantics issue. Explosive means just that. A clean, a jump squat a box jump a clapping pushup are all explosive movements. Plyo defines a specific type of explosive movement wherein the explosion is preceded by a rapid stretching process.
All plyometrics are explosive movements.
All explosive movements are not plyometrics.\


Fazz, a simple big thank you for posting these push-up variations. I'm often looking for @home bodyweight and other minimal equipment exercises to augment my work away at the gym. Along this line, I see too in the video background that you've got a TRX Suspension system. Nice.

...But are those yellow push-up platforms actually just little kiddie chairs? Sure looked like it. If so, you get double points for resourcefulness: http://www.amazon.com/Little-Tikes-Rainbow-Chairs-Set/dp/B002FA9XTW Too funny.


Those one arm pushups are crazy. Is it just me, or did you start that set with 1 arm 1 leg pushups?


Ya it was a one leg, one arm pushup in the begining. I actually never thought to practice them but tried to wing it for the video.


hahaha ya they are little kid chairs... Hey anything that is about a foot off the ground will work perfect for what i was doing in the vid. No need to buy anything fancy, just work with what you got.


hey just asking, wouldnt these exercises be very hard on the wrists? cause my wrists hurt from time to time whenever i press/push ups.


Substitute wrists for fingers.


Like 7 out of 10 of those were bullshit. Sorry, but doing a push up and then jumping doesn't make it a plyometric push up or even an explosive push up. You may as well call them half burpees.

The title of the last "push up" proves it further. "Explosive pushups with hands only"

Come on.


Why were they bullshit? There is no jumping, its pushing off with your hands and front of your feet... It takes core strength. I consider a explosive movement when you push past the range of movement and off the ground.


He means your getting your hips into some of the movements a bit.
I have done very similar pushups to this. It is very difficult not too , even when you don't raise the legs.

If you don't jump with your legs at all it is stricter.

The only things I would say is that if you don't lift your legs too and you can get very good height, it is very easy to hyper extend your back .

IMO they are still very useful variations. I don't see the need for the negativity.

I am struggling to think of better upper body plyos, we a rapid amortisation period (if that what it is called).

You could try and blast up as soon as you fall, but take a few sessions to do it. It is surprising how much more difficult it is.


to above poster .Yes they are very hard on the wrists esp . the drop pushup variation where you explode back up. It is an advanced exercise.

I have seen some Chinese people do the same thing on their finger tips (I would love to able to do that one day).