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10.26.05 Powerful Image


Great body but kind of a scary face! I guess it is Holloween time.


That's a level of muscular development and leanness I personally consider attractive. Like the shrubbery in the background as well. As for the face, I'm not sure if it is - to some extent - due to the low body fat level. Or maybe she actually is going trick or treatin'...


who is she?


She kind of looks like that female trainer on "The Biggest Powda" oops...I mean The Biggest Loser...


Yea, the bush is the crown jewl of this this photo; for sure the best part...


Sorry I had to.


She's beautiful and has a very impressive physique. If you worked out at the same gym as her you would find her a pleasant distraction. I hope she isn't a T-vixen because I'm embarassed by your comment.




(Sorry, had to get that in before anyone else did)