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10.14.05 Powerful Image


Not that great an ass...

Yeah, I'd hit it.


Not that great? Your E-standards must be virtually out of reach.

Who WOULDN'T hit that? Over and over until you needed to ice the love muscle?


Not a great ass? Damn, I really like it, but different strokes.......



And, we're off....


Sarcasm? I think so.


I hope so! Jeeez


Alternate view?


or two...





Thanks much for the link where I found the photo, but stop posting more pics!

I wanted to use them for subsequent Powerful Images!!!

Your taste in photos is too damn good!


Looks like she has an anterior pelvic tilt.


Side view


I gave her that. Oops


I'll bet you'd be more than glad to even it out...


Yeah, and tight hip flexors.


Damn. This girl is perfect.


I wasn't being sarcastic. Relative to the girls in other Powerful Images was my statement. However, in view of Sabrina's posts, I stand very, very corrected! Wow!


Well, yes, but I can't seem to keep from pounding that ass. It'll just stay tilted.


Thank you for sharing Sabrina.



I always love to read the replies to a powerful image that includes a great ass shot. There's always the "pouty, I'm a naughty girl, you better spank me, then screw me, then spank me again," look in the eyes of the model as she thrusts her backside towards the camera. Being an empathetic person, I too am very concerned about her spine. I would like to play chiropractor and help straighten her spine with my.........Damn, anyone got some Windex?
Hey Sabrina, thanks for posting the pictures. How about one of yourself.