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10.12.05 Powerful Image


I might as well be first to chime in since we all know someone is going to.

Oh yes, Yes indeed would I hit that!

I would hit that 10 times a day for at least a month. Then I would scale back to 8 times a day for another month, only to return in the third month with a 12 times a day hitting.

And for all you non-womanizing types, she looks like she trains pretty hard.



She also looks like she could beat the shit out of me. Yikes.


Yes! And with that kind of body, I could hit that in many more possitions/situations than with the average woman.

I can only imagine the possibilities.

Oh, and that would only be if I wasn't married of course...and yea, she'd also have to be willing.


Thanks to Sabrina's brilliant tip, I know that this hotty goes by the name of .1129127880532.1128915901481.

I like Veg's idea of varying the volume. I must mention that I would perform sufficient backside volume for balance.



Thats a cool name, I bet she's foreign or something.



I Googled that number and got jack


heh. To find out the name of the people in Powerful Images (for most of them, at least):
Right-Click on the image, and choose "Save As". The Save Dialog will open, and you can view the filename. Most of the PI files have the subject's name attached.

In this case, the woman in question is Inga Neverauskaite.


Ha! I believe I said "sometimes".


hahahah! PWNAGE! how long'd it take you to type that up?


Don't worry dear, I'll protect you from the BFG. :wink:

I saved the pic and when I looked at the complete filename it showed this.


So I was right, She is foreign. Google away my friends, Google away.



And I was right. Click and save bitch!


damn you.

i got served.

when you right click on it and hit save as, it just says:


but when you actually save it and then look at the file name, it says:


apparently the extra .s make it appear as .Inga_Neverauskaite file type named .1129127880532.1128915901481.

Anywho, I owe Sabrina an apology. I do like .Inga_Neverauskaite files though.