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10/10 by Chad Waterbury Question

i’ve read the whole program and have a question for you guys.
Will this program help me with building strong shoulders and a strong and straight back? Or should i rather go with a different program and target those areas specifically? It looks like a great program and I want to lose some fat and gain muscles, but I really need to focus on my back and shoulders. So, I am not sure if this is right for me or if i should go with something different.


Chances are you don’t need to focus on your back and shoulders as much as you think. Just do the program. If it even produces half the results (it will probably produce all of them), then it’s 12 weeks well spent.

My understanding of the 10/10 program is that you generally do a small number of exercises, most or all of which are compounds. Like squat, deadlift, bench. So it really wouldn’t be a great program if you are wanting to target specific muscle groups.

Also if your goal is strength you should probably be using more weight and less reps.

Yes you can develop strong shoulders and back with this program, but you’ll have to insist on strict form with the exercises. I noticed really good results (postural & performance) with an almost identical program. Try a wider grip on those DLs and keep strict form. The quality of the contraction is the key to postural reform on that particular exercise IMO.