10-10-10 Guidelines

Hi Dr. Darden,

I am getting good results from your new 10-10-10 approach.

I’m doing eight exercises twice weekly, resting only thirty seconds between exercises.

Are there any other guidelines you could share to get the most out of 10-10-10?

When you can do 10-10-10 in good form on a specific exercise, add 3-5 percent more resistance at your next workout on that exercise.

So 10-10-10 is more progressive than 30-10-30?

Do you recommend stopping a set one or two reps before failure in 10-10-10?

I’ve used it both ways with my trainees. Most of the time, with people over 50, I stop it a rep before failure. With younger trainees I would push to failure.

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And is metabolic conditioning a part of 10-10-10?

Am I on the right track by resting thirty seconds (or less) between exercises?

Yes, you are correct.

I have many questions, but will wait to ask until I’m more experienced with 10-10-10.

Thank you for your replies.

Hello again, Dr. Darden.

I had a couple more questions.

How often would you recommend taking a layoff with 10-10-10?

And do you have any current recommendations for using Creatine?

After 6 to 12 weeks of 10-10-10, take a week off of training.

With creatine today, I’d recommend what the Biotest packets suggest.