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10,000 Club


Well, this is my 10,000th post.

There aren't too many of us in the club. Once I hit 10,000 I got a complimentary case of Biotest products sent to me (well, it's in the mail apparently) and I now post while in a smoking jacket wearing leather rabbit fur-lined slippers and my computer magically gives out Champagne.

I also can see all pics and gifs that are posted without having to click on them and they're all in 3D.

EDIT Thanks chusin.
This was written after I read your post but I stuck this edit in here so I can stay at an even 10,000 longer.

EDIT 2 csulli that's a great idea....I'll keep posting here till I get to 10,000 edits!

EDIT 3 treco, to be clear, I post during my lunch break or before I after I start work. Seriously, sometimes I stay at the desk half an hour after work goofing on the internet before going home and curing cancer/writing novels.


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It's a long road ahead to 50k


You should stay at 10,000 posts forever. We should make this thread a Nards communicator. From now on you'll only edit the OP with content and instructions on which thread you want to post in, and surrogate posters will post in said thread on your behalf.


But what if one of the surrogate posters then manages to reach 10,000 through those posts and needs some surrogates for themselves? Will it become some kind of dreaded forum posting pyramid scheme?


Their can be only one.


Good job!!
And like 8500 of your posts have been funny! Feel proud.


Nards, now that you are in the 10,000 club, you can call me Mr. Steve Martin.



Look out far east, Nards came to kick ass and have 10K posts.

And he is all outa posts.


When I hit 10000 posts I am going to leave this site forever. I'll be lounging poolside with ID and the Bodyguard while we take turns on The Hallowed.


I like the milestone because only last week or so, you said you didn't have a computer or internet at home ( not sure which), but posted from work.





I thought you said that about hitting 5000 posts.

Well, without the ID/BG/Hallowed comment.


You would be at maybe a 1000 posts except for all the fat chick pics...



I did. Are you counting the posts until I'm gone?


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All this talk of Hallowed and SAMA has left me feeling nostalgic. Man could that forum deliver. A constant shit storm it was.


No, lol.

It was just an observation. I'm hoping you stick around still after 10,000.

I do thinks it's funny what Hallowed's last avatar has on it.

She told me I will be blamed for her departure, lol,