10 000 calorie shake

Is it true that twinlab used to have a 10 000 calorie shake, does anyone know anything about this? it sounds crazy, the shake would have to be mixed in a bucket. whats the deal?

Twinlab used to do some slick marketing in the mega-calorie early 90’s. The only difference between Gainer’s Fuel 1000, 2500 or 10,000 if there was such a thing was the size of the jug that the stuff came in and the size of the serving scoop. BTW, Biotest has a 10,000 calorie shake also. Take 50 scoops of low carb grow and mix it in 50 cups of non-fat milk. Sounds ridiculous of course, but that is all those twinlab shakes were. A bunch of cheap protein, sugar and vitamins and they would tell you to mix it in whole milk to up the calories.

Yeah I remember buying the 2500 once! Once! I remember mixing it up and I thought that wow 4 huge scoops for one shake. I think it had like 8 servings in a container okay maybe more but damn what a rip. I was young…oh yeah I was stupid too. :slight_smile: