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1 Yr Serious Lifting. Criticism Welcome


Well I am 20 years old and have been training for 3 years now (serious for about 1). I was a soccer player in high school so I started off very skinny. I am 5'11" 195 pounds and I am guessing I have about 15-17% body fat because there is no way that at 195 at my height and lack of muscle that I have less body fat than 15. Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Front shot


I appologize for the lighting and posing it is my first time so bear with me.


Another front shot


I wanted to change a picture but it won't let me so I have to add it on to the end.


Looks like you're closer to 7-10% body fat.
Your chest, traps and erectors need some help, but good start.


Theres no way you're 15-17%


you should see his legs


I think I am. I mean I haven't tested myself but at 195 and my height, if I was under 10% I'd look huge as hell. And well, I don't.


your upper back is pretty impressive. your arms are thick and I like your delts as well. gave you a 6.5 rounded to 7.

I cant really tell how your lats are cuz youre squeezing your shouldersblades together in your back double bi shouts. Spread them apart to see your lat width.


you wouldnt look bigger at a lower BF% youd look smaller unless you had serious muscle, which you unfortunately dont. im not saying you dont have any muscle or trying to put you down or anything though. just keep lifting and add some more mass and youll much better at a lower %. right now you look about 8%BF

15-17% body fat is like "before picture" status lol.


Thanks for the replies. I better get eating.


Looking good fella, Keep it up. I agree with the rest, Lats-Traps-Chest are your areas which will improve your build.


Do deadlifts work traps or should I add some shrugs? I recently started deadlifting, squatting, rowing, chinning about 3 months ago so that could be why they are lagging. Either that or deadlifting doesn't work traps and I'm an idiot.

What are some good chest exercises? Currently I do flat BB bench, incline DB bench and DB flyes.


Trapezius, Middle and Upper are only Stabilizers in the Deadlift exercise, Add some shrugs in with plates, d-bells or barbell.

You could always superset with Cable Crossover and see how the burn goes..Your chest will grow dont worry.


This low score is definitely going to make me work harder. I knew it wasn't good but I didn't think it was this bad. Definitely a good wake up call. My own Phoenix opportunity. It's great motivation to get better.


Looks like you have very rough arms, nice work!

It would be nice if you could give us a latspread, and some other "traditional" poses so people would be able to give you better compliments/critisism.

�n any case, keep eating and lifting, you're doing very good so far if you ask me. :slight_smile:


What does your training look like? You said you just added deads,squats and rows 3 months ago, so I'd say that's when you started serious training, but examples of your workouts would be helpful.

You have everything going for you!!! 20yrs old, low bf%(nowhere near 15-17) and you're off to a great start. Variety in squats, deads and rows will keep you growing like a weed. Overhead presses will help your lagging areas catch up, and don't worry, your chest will too.

Just fuel yourself every 2.5 hrs and make sure to get 1.5g of protein for every lb you weigh. Eat lots of fibrous veggies, and always push yourself in the gym. Keep a log! Try to get one more rep, or 5lbs more than last time, and you're going to fill out nicely over the next 2-3yrs. Keep it up!


It's good that this is going to motivate you. Remember to take the score in context, the scoring on this site is very strict and based on a pure bodybuilding look, but that's good as it pushes people to work harder. As an example this guy scored a 9


You have made a great start for only 1 yr serious training, post a log of training or your diet if you want more advice on either.


I recently started training 6 days a week (Arnold beginner program with a couple tweeks).

Mon - Chest/Back
Flat BB bench - 4x8
Incline DB press - 4x10
DB flyes - 3x10

Chins - 10x5 (increasing the reps each time)
Rows - 8x8
Deads 10,6,4

Tues - Shoulders,Arms
Seated DB press 4x8
lateral raises 3x10
push press 10,6,4

bb curl 3x8
seated DB curl 3x8

dips - 45 pound weight and 35 pound weight 3x8
Tricep rope press down - 3x8

Wednesday - Legs
Squats 4x8
Lunges 4x8
Leg curls 3x8
Romanian DL 10,6,4

Then I repeat each day once more then rest on Saturday.

I eat carbs (fruit) in the morning and PWO and that's it otherwise healthy fats and protein. I have only been in a mass phase for a little less than 3 weeks now.