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1 Year Working Out


Ok so that's me. I wanna hear your opinion. I've been working out 1 year. I'm 6ft 2" . Hope there's not a rule about not showing the face. I carry some fat, I will start cutting soon, just 3 more months of doing mass.

Edit: http://www.speedyshare.com/file/UPJJE/download/MOV00783.3GP




and MM with legs


and this one is from september


Going by your face you look about 19? So not bad for your age, traps and chest need some work. Keep at it.


worst posing ever


There is no reason to be cutting man. I guess I'm not sure what your goals are but you need to put on some size. Also you have some crazy long arms.


The pictures are so odd, don't know why though, something just seems way out of reality.


I concur. His arms and shoulders are way too big for the rest.


is it just the pic or is one arm a lot bigger than the other.


Actually right one is a little bigger. But that's the way I hit it. Right arm is a little closer to the camera and flexed more. I forgot to tell my age, I'm almost 16. Traps, I don't want them, cuz I have long neck, if I would develop it fully I would look like a freakin pencil (like I'm not already tall and skinny). I don't think my arms are so overpowering (or maybe I got an obsession about their size).

Maybe if you look at the last pic which is from september. Funny that you mentioned my arms are so overpowering but legs aren't. I'm still working on chest, but I've added some thickness last months. I need to get cut for summer. I won't wait till I'm 100kgs or so. I don't know what my weight is, but when I weighted in april I was 85kg and I was way more skinnier. I think I weigh 90-95kg.

Overpowering arms are ilusion, just the way I hit the poses make my arms look big, they don't look so overpowering when unflexed and not touching the body. Thank you for opinions. It's good to hear what other think.


^ This. Arms and shoulders are so much bigger that everything else


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What odd do you see in arms. Maybe legs are really odd (making look my upper body short and small, almost the waist size), but arms?


is it just me or does it look like he photoshopped a pic of someone else's leg and put them over his


arms are strange no disrespect but it kinda looks photo shopped


LOL. Nothin but a photoshop job bras...


post a full body picture relaxed with arms hanging at your sides


Can you imagine the poor soul reading this, than looking at the mirror... and than.. well.. yeah

"You look photoshopped bro, in a non positive way"

lol :confused: I feel bad for you op, for real


Lol nice to here that the're photoshopped. :d It's kinda like someone is natty, but others are calling aas. And btw. I can't handle any advanced graphic program like gimp or photoshop. The only thing I did is cover the face. And I though my arms are lacking. But either way I will blast them these 3 months, cuz this time I know I'mdoing everything right, back, chest, triceps, biceps etc.

Last months I gave up working out biceps for 1.5 months. And after that I couldn't do it good, with a good pump. Triceps too, I should've increased weight for dips, it would be bigger now. But I improved chest and back a little. So maybe the last pic from september looks retarded. And which one looks ps'ed?