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1 Year Update


Lagging Areas ??


Your ability to post the required shots.


my b


I would say chest is lagging my friend! and post some legs pictures as required.


How long have you been lifting?
What are your lifts.

My suggestion to you is to post a training log with your picks and let people know what you are looking to accomplish. This RMP isn't a place to post if you are looking for positive feedback unless you have been in the game a long time and have an above average physique. I'm just trying to save you some grief. All you have to do is look on the majority of threads in here.

What are you trying to accomplish? You look like you have a decent base but as far as lagging areas I would say they all are if you are trying to get big or stand out. I wouldn't know that you worked out if I saw you on the street in a t-shirt.


ok im 5'10, 205-210, turned 17 in march and im training for a bb comp next june. my (estimated) maxes:
mil. press-210-215

I train ea bodypart twice a wk, and for sets/reps, i work up to my 6 rep max, hit it, then do 6 more rest pause reps in 2's (like 6+2+2+2)

i stared training consistently last january...and ill put some legs pics up tomorow, i think theyre decent. if u wanna know anything else jus ask. im brief bcuz wen i posted progress pics here last time (in nov) i dam near wrote an essay and this time i jus wanna know what i need to work on, or if im heading in the right direction


Nice quarter squat--what's your full ROM squat?

Amazing how many aspiring "bodybuilders" on this site never seem to have a shortage of myspace upperbody photos, but somehow can't produce a photo of the wheels...i wonder how many threads here have been abandoned after OP promises to "post the wheels tomorrow brah"


^its from last year but thats my depth. and if tryna get a recent one i can take a vid next tues


Chest, Traps, Delts seem to be lagging.

Try lifting in a higher rep range when trying to target weak body parts.

2 reps is pretty low for bodybuilding.

Great base and strength for a 17 yo, you're off to a great start.


chest and delts seem to be lacking, quads too, but you're young.

And what are your actual lifts, not estimated.


^^i knew my upper body was lacking, but its steadily coming along. compared to how disproportionate it was last year. im planning on waiting till i get my upper body considerably bigger compared to my legs, then focusing on my legs again (kind of in maintenance mode)

@the low rep range-i was planning on waiting till i got a lil bit stronger, (lik 350 bench, 500 squat) then up the reps from 6 to 12 rep max, and possibly to 15 later on

@my lifts-i put my 6 rep maxes into a 1 rep max calc. so my 6 rep maxes are :

250 bench
395 squat
395 dead
180 mil press

More thoughts?


For 17 you're fucking huge. Keep on doing what you're doing and by your early 20s you'll be a monster.


That's huge for 17?


It is pretty impressive for a 17 year old.


Do you personally know many 17 year olds that big? Because I certainly don't. Maybe my view is skewed at the moment though, as I'm teaching in China and they are basically munchkin people.


I can only assume that you are surrounded by guys exactly like this:



He would probably be one of the more serious lifters at the gym I go to here in China. Grunting by the spotters during bench presses of 80kg is a pretty routine occurrence. Taking off your shirt and flexing the belly fat you have is a must as well. All in all, a pretty hardcore place.