1 Year TRT Transformation, First Blast?

Hey guys, I’m 21 years old and this is my 1-year transformation. Was diagnosed with hypothyroidism & hypogonadism 2 years ago. Hopped on TRT 1 year ago, I’ve been training for around 5 years pre-TRT but never saw the results I deserved for the amount of work & effort I’ve put in (due to having 150 ng/dl of testosterone), I had to work my ass off to get to a 205 bench press.
before%20(2) TRT
Body weight went from 153 lbs to 165-168 lbs, so about a 15 lb gain in around a year
I’m 5’7 btw
Bench: 205x1 —> 275x1
Squat: 325 ----> injured cant squat
deadlift: 405 —> cant deadlift either
My current TRT protocol is 150mg of testosterone a week, and I’m around 900 ng/dl after TRT. I’m thinking of running my first blast. Not really a fan of using AI’s so I’m going to be running a TRT dose with another compound (I heard primo was the safest to take)
Do you guys think I should hold off on the blast and that I can still make gains “naturally”?

You’re injured and can’t squat or deadlift, so blasting is probably a bad idea, and you made more progress in one year of TRT than you did in all the years before, so blasting is useless. You’re 21. You have a 900 test level with this protocol. You absolutely do not need to “blast” anything.


Can you be a little more specific. I don’t dead lift or squat because I don’t have a great lower back but I’m able to do other exercises that work the same muscles. Are you injured to the point where you can work your lower half? If that’s the case then I wouldn’t blast.

The answer is yes you can def still make gains on your trt dose. They will slow down of course especially sense you have been on a year now but they wont stop.

Really it comes down to what your goals are. How fast you want to reach them and what risk you are willing to take.

Blasting Primo probably has less side effects then blasting testosterone so I see no issue if that’s something that interests you and you want to do it.

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Good progress, man. Since Flip gave you one side, I’ll give you the other.

You could do something very simple like add anavar to your trt for six weeks. It’s mild, works great, can help heal existing tendon and ligament issues, and on the scale of danger it’s pretty low.

If you can get your hands on good primo and you have the money to run a real cycle with it then do this: invest the money into growth stocks and in five years you’ll have enough money to buy a dozen primo cycles.

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Arm day, every day, Am I right brother.


Thank you all for replying.

My lower back is pretty messed up but I can still work my lower half fine, I just can’t squat or deadlift. Can’t afford to see a chiropractor just yet but physiotherapy didn’t help that much. TRT gains have slowed down a lot as I seemed to have gotten past my “noob gains” I guess. My goal is to have a good enough physique to make money off of it (I know I have a long way to go)

I’m not willing to completely mess my health up though, going to take as little drugs as possible and the healthiest route to achieve my goals. In terms of the time frame, there is no rush. I’m enjoying the process as it is, and have the discipline already to go slow & steady rather than blast away with huge doses.

Thank you man, yeah anavar was actually one of my options. I would run Anavar if it could heal my lower back issues but I don’t think it can.
Investing in stocks sounds like a good idea lol, thanks for the suggestion!

Can you show us a pic of your leg transformation?

Yeah, I’ll try to get those up too. Not sure if I have any before pics of my legs though, quads and calves especially have always been a strong point so never really bothered to take progress pics lol.