1 Year Transformation

Not trying to compete or anything like that, but I am pretty darn dedicated to my training and diet. This is my one year transformation and I’d love to hear any feedback. I bulked for about 6 months, found out I had testicular cancer and had to take 3 months off for surgery/chemo, and started cutting for a couple months when I got back into the gym.

I also found out that I had low testosterone the entire time I was bulking, but I am on testosterone therapy now and my T is quite high. And yes, I know I am pale!


a lot more shape overall, and definitely leaner! how much muscle/fat did you gain/loose?

as you aren’t competing, I’d say your physique is starting to look athletic and pleasing… 6/10.

but based on the body you started with, I’d say 8/10 for the transformation!

also more power to you for the medical hurdles you’ve overcome. keep at it!

I am 160 in the before pic. I bulked up to about 210, and I am currently sitting at 195. I am still trying to cut down a little bit more.

Thanks for the input and kind words.

first of all congrats on overcoming cancer and that in itself is quite the achievement. The transformation is great and you definitely have built up a significant amount despite your setbacks. Id say your lean enough now, clean bulk for awhile, build up more mass, then cut.

Thanks a lot man. Appreciate the advice.

A couple more pics. Looks to me like my chest is lagging a bit.


looking impessive! thick and still decently lean! I agree with you in terms of your uppper chest. Its a hard spot to hit, I switched to an almost all incline chest routine for awhile and that really seemed to help me out. In my opinion you can never have to much upper chest. Just my two cents but keep up the great work man!

how much deca was you shooting brahhh

[quote]Carlos2012 wrote:
how much deca was you shooting brahhh[/quote]

Haha not a drop.

Legs anyone???

Legs are fine. Again, not trying to compete.

Well done just keep going!