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1 Year Training, 1 Cycle. Thoughts? Possibly Do an Amateur Show

Looking to maybe do a amature show next fall thoughts and do I have the potential/genetics to actually do good? Im 6ft 175lbs only did 1 cycle of sustanon 250 1cc twice a week for 3 months went from 150 to 183 then dropped to 175 n stayed Dont mind back acne!! On my back finally getting it under wraps and clearing up was much worse !! High estrogen and alot of sweating


Work hard and eat well, I don’t see why not mate, go for it.

Are you Albanian by any chance?

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Thanks ! And yes I am my fathers from kosovo

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So you were 150 pounds at 6-feet tall and had only a couple of months training when you thought a cycle was a good idea? Why?

Doing a contest would mean losing probably 15-20 pounds. So, no, you should not do a show any time in the near future. You should focus on building muscle naturally, without anabolics, because you have so much room for progress at your size. Nevermind the ethical question mark when it comes to competitions.

You do have a overall good frame to work with and your waist is small. It seems like you don’t miss a biceps workout. In jeans, your legs do look small. In the close-up leg pics (which doesn’t have the upper body for full context), the quads look fine.

What has your training and diet been like?

And for the love of all things heavy, stay away from any more gear.


Ok and yea makes sense should pack on some more weight before cuting weight for a show and I had a issue gaining weight so thought a cycle would help with that deffinatly should of trained longer first or just took the time got ahead of myself but it happends and I train. Monday legs. Tuesday back/biceps. Wensday chest/triceps. Thursday abs/shoulders/forearm. As far as diet I eat breakfast lunch and dinner with family and try to add 2-3 extra meals of either rice/tuna or chicken on bread I’ll post exact work out routines when I get home from work thanks for the honesty!

Could have been solved with food.

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