1 Year Since Last Cycle

I’m probably in the wrong place…sorry I’m advance

I’m 5’9 217lbs approximately 20% bf

I’ve been lifting for approximately 16 years…I have completed 4 cycles but never quite dialed it in…

I loved deca the best, over tren…I did masteron, deca, windstrol, test sus for my last cycle…for pct I did chlomid, hcg…I couldn’t for the life of me get an AI…I ended up with slight gyno…

I need a badass ai… no matter what, something I can take probably damn near the entire 3 months…

I’m looking for a solid plan… in a perfect world I’d run deca, windstrol, test…

Any suggestions? And proper doses…

Thanks in advance!

What are your numbers for squat, bench, deadlift if I may ask?

AI is overrated. Use 20mg of nolvadex/day to keep the gyno away. Less potential for side effects.

You already know the drugs that work for you, you just need to work out how many mgs you need.

Ya I definitively don’t know the #'s…I need massive expert advice…

I squat nothing because of lower back pain…I don’t have a massive injury but I don’t want one…last time I was doing 225lbs squat just fine with max reps at 14…

I don’t deadlift because even the strong man of the world says it’s dumb too…I bench 405lbs max in 2018…regular 315lbs unassisted…

Hope this helps, and I tried Nolvadex once…chlomid worked a lot better for me… but maybe a new ai?

I think that quote was largely taken completely out of context. Robert Oberst on Joe Rogan was basically saying there’s no reason to try to pull crazy amounts of weight because the risk:reward ratio isn’t all that high. And even then you could go deeper into it and speak specifically about pulling a TRUE 1RM. That’s where the injury risk lies. MOST people that get injured deadlifting are because they do not know how to pull properly, not because it is an inherently bad exercise.

And you could make that argument about any lift, to include benching 405. I’m not knocking your bench, it’s super solid. I’m also not saying don’t bench that much. But saying you shouldn’t deadlift tons of weight but then turning around and benching tons of weight is really just hypocritical. If you can bench 405 you should be able to easily squat and deadlift at least 405, assuming you’re not truly injured or handicapped.


You have the wrong mindset for this. The advice you need is the advice you don’t want to hear but I’ll take a stab. “DON’T USE STEROIDS”. There ya have it. You listed a bunch of compounds that don’t aromatize at all or much and then say you need a bad ass AI. You’ve ran (4) cycles but still sit overweight. You don’t dead lift and you don’t squat. That latter of which is ok if you still get your legs/back a good workout in other forms or fashion.

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405 lb bench is plenty good strength.
If you want to avoid squats, it’s not ideal by any means. That said, do full ROM (don’t allow hips to rise from seat) leg presses with as much weight as you can do at least 10 reps.

On most all leg press machines (especially incline and vertical machines) you cannot do full range of motion if you bring your thighs down to your torso. You must have a wide enough stance to allow your thighs to descend beside your torso.

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I understand using the three power lifts for a measure of strength, but depending on goals they aren’t necessary. You can get development using modified exercises to get the same muscle groups, albeit in a higher volume way. Most guys on here are at an age that they’ve already developed or can develop disc issues. One bad squat or deadlift and you’re out for months. I’ve competed in bodybuilding shows my whole life without deadlifts just fine. I’ve worked with many people who’ve injured themselves at moderate to light weight for deadlifts. It’s like AAS, the same formula doesn’t work for everyone. His weight and BF show he’s got quite a bit of a base.

What’s his deadlift?

I’ve read several places that statistically (not based on per time done) the bench is the most dangerous lift (probably the most popular lift too, but to think it is significantly safer than squats or deads would be a mistake). If I had to guess the most dangerous lift per time done it would probably be the snatch (seems workout fail videos are about 1/4 snatch fails). That is for lifting. IIRC, distance running is far more likely to cause injury. Basketball is worse than running. OP, are you afraid of things like basketball? If not, I don’t think you should be afraid of deadlifts.

Deadlifts are bad ass. I don’t think much compares for back development. Especially the traps.

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No doubt deadlifts are a major power builder. But…

Don’t like deadlifts? Do hanging power cleans from just at the knees. Get strong at cleaning the bar. It builds the back about the same as deadlifts, but incorporates more delts and traps. It can double as a shoulder day. Do presses as the first exercise, then cleans.

(Deadlifts from the floor incorporate more lat involvement than cleans from the knees)

Your quote pretty much covers all that’s needed to know about the deadlift.

As for the safety of the lift:

The deadlift has gotten the reputation as a dangerous movement, only used by hairy weightlifters who don’t care about themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. The barbell deadlift is safer than picking up a box of file paper, because the mass of the barbell can be placed directly over the body’s center of balance – the middle of the feet. This fact, and the ability of the lifter to keep the barbell centered over the mid-foot as it travels from the floor up to the lockout position standing erect, enables very heavy weights to be handled by a strong lifter. The current men’s record in the deadlift is in excess of 1,000 pounds, and the women’s record is over 600. The guy who pulled the 1000 pounds is just fine. This is because the correct deadlift keeps the back in extension as well as the bar over the middle of the feet.

For anyone interested in reading the entire article from which I got the above, it’s “One of the Most Underrated Strength Exercises You Can Do” by Mark Rippetoe.

In any case, it shouldn’t be the matter of can we isolate and work the same muscles that are utilized while performing a deadlift - we can. The matter of fact should be that the deadlift makes all those muscles, from your toes, your neck and everything in between work as a whole, as one mechanism designed to produce force synergistically greater than the sum of it’s parts. And this is why the deadlift makes the lifter grow faster and bigger than any other lift.

There’s a reason why you will never see a 6 feet 160 lb guy pulling 800lb off the floor. It’s the same reason why you’ll never see a really tall japanese guy with red hair - it’s not what nature intended.

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I know a 6’ lifter that can pull over 800, and is just over 200 lbs. Freaky. The guy is jacked at that weight though.

He’s not japanese with naturally red hair by any chance? Because that would really be freaky!

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No, more Russian looking.

Give us some more detailed information about mgs/substances used in previous cycles.
Whilst Deca is usually not associated with gyno, some experts say if you take enough of it , then it can be a factor.

Exactly…I have a lower back slight injury…tweaked nerve or something…xrays show nothing but I sure as f feel it…I am just trying to figure out best stack…

Ok something I can write back to…I was taking 1/4ml tren<200mg> 3/4ml test<250mg> I was also taking 50mg <1 pill> of windstrol as well…That was my last stack a bit over a year ago…Now I didn’t mention or maybe I did that I have puffy nips…it sucks…got blood work done cuz Im a vet…so it was free thank god. they say my endocrine system is 100%…test, estro, etc etc all great…but then why puffy sensitive nips? Dr says “it just happens to men sometimes” I just read today that to much sex can make prolactin increase dramitcally and that can also increase estrogen…and cause this breast tissue issue…so now im wondering instead of thinking on steriods…wonder if trying a serm and nolvadex or raloxifene, aromasin, letrozole these items would help cure some of this gyno if not even all of it and just work my ass off in the gym naturally without steroids’ and burn off fat and see if gyno goes away?

Last time I checked test aromatizes into estrogen does it not? I am not over weight in a horrible way, I look buff lol…I have been lifting for about 16 years…I am just learning more, which is a great thing…So yea I need a badass AI because I have puffy nips now…which is wierd as f considering I havent used in over a year and my blood work was great for my endocrine system…strange as f…I am simply looking for the best plan for me…

If you’re not on anything right now and you’ve got signs of gyno then it was there before and it’s getting worse. You don’t need an AI, you need a SERM, specifically ralox. That’s the gold standard for treating already-formed gyno.