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1 Year Progress

Here i am after 1 year of full body workouts mwf. My chest is still the hardest to grow compared to other areas but its still coming along. My lats are my best muscles imo thanks to mostly pullups. My arms gew to a point then stopped growing all together based on measurements ive been taking. I think its time to change up my chest exercises, and increase volvume for my arms. My legs are coming along nicely im just a little self concious of them atm. theyre very pale and hairy haha.

Still a ways to go to look like one of my favorite body builders george eiferman but im getting there.

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Look good what does you workout look like?

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I’ll be honest it has changed every month over the last year. It’s been an experimental phase. The last 3 months I did this routine though aND i think I made the best progress with ithe and so have my friends.

The pre exhaust acted like a warmup too. I didn’t use a lot of weight for these. I would still pyramid on the compiund movements though. The amount of weight I did per exercise varied based on how I felt that day but generally it was Monday medium, wed light, Friday heavy.

Leg extensions 3x15 (pre exhaust)
Squats 3x10
Leg Curls 3x10

Flys 3x15 (pre exhaust)
Weighted Dips 3xFailure
Tricep Extensions 3x10

Pullovers 3x15 (pre exhaust)
Pullups 3xFailure
Bicep Curls 3x10

Seems like it works , try a workout cycle with, some deadlifts, rows and military presses, this will thicken you up, you got some good genetics from what we see.

I did my fair share of dead lifts and rows. My favorite exercise is bent over rows but it doesn’t give me the width I was looking for.

I.honestly think more important than the exercise selection was my diet and the frequency of my workouts. 3 days a week in the gym for about an hour

I don’t eat much either. 3 meals, no supplements except caffeine. Lots of dairy, eggs and chicken is what I mostly eat. High protein high fat low carbs. Only real carbs i eat is fruit in my shake in the morning. Keeps the fat off and i.still.build muscle. I lost a bit around my mid section.

Currently I eat

Morning Shake: 1 cup liquid egg whites, 1 cup cottage cheese, strawberries, banana

Lunch: Almonds, cheese, greek yogurt

Dinner: Chicken, spinach, milk

Bent over rows give a thicker look from side, so alternative exercises every few months, i do that on exercises, but i do have som staple lifts, talk about eat clean that is huge part being successful bodybuilder, and good calves insertions. Good luck.

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Calves are definitely not an issue for me. No idea why but ive never worked my calves and theyre the same size as my neck, 15…5 inches

Good same here, i am on feet a lot at work, ive never tried to make bigger. Some pro never make it to next level because of high small calves.

Occasionally they have a list of perfect anatomical measurements percentage , example neck, arms, and calve should be the same , chest should certain amount larger than hips etc. I do not think this is accurate. If i had one physique to have for my self it would be Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The one im familiar with is arms neck calves the same, Chest is twice your legs. Waist is as small as possible i guess haha. Steve reeves supposedly hado these measurements. He’s my favorite and I base my nutrition and workouts off him. I put my own twist on it but so far the old school full body routine with 3 square meals, high protein low carb is working great.