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1 Year Progress- Thanks Jim

Hey Jim. This is just another thank you post for your 5/3/1 program. I lost 20 pounds last winter and my strength suffered because of it. I came across your method online and decided to give it a shot.

I did my maxes right before I started last May and these were the results:
Squat: 355
Bench: 275
Deadlift: 420
Military: 135x8

My Results after 1 Year on the Program:
Squat: 425 (430 at a USPA Meet Yesterday
Bench: 315 (308 at the Meet)
Deadlift: 510 (551 at the Meet)
Military: 160x8

I was constantly breaking a PR most workouts and used the triumvirate and FSL templates.

The main things I really learned while using 5/3/1 was your principles about starting too light and slow and steady progress. I’ve done the exact opposite in the past and I was getting nowhere the last couple years. With the results I’ve seen, I can see why patience is so important if I want to get stronger.

Thanks for having this program out for the public. Training has definitely become fun again and I keep planning to using 5/3/1 as my strength method.

"I can see why patience is so important if I want to get stronger. "

THIS is it! There isn’t one lift that doesn’t have a “holy shit!” kind of improvement. Very impressive. You did all the work and THAT is what is should be recognized. Words only do so much: Action is what sparks change. Too many people tell you what they are going to do. Not enough people show you.