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1 Year Progress - Need Advice on Second Year

Hello, I m from VN and i have been doing exercise (Gym, Taekwondo, and Boxing) for about 3 years now, but only got to gym since 2018. I used to weight 120kg+ (not going to say 130 now, but yeah, i was a freakin’ nightmare for my any motorbike), after several hours of training in Taekwondo, i decided to move on to Gym, and after hitting the mark of 78kg in Feb, 2019, i want to ask you guys some tips how to improve my fat loss.

About my program, I train usually like a noob. My Deadlift is considerable and only goes as high as 145kg (included with the bar -25kg). My Squat is 120kg in best performance but i usually perform 90-100kg. My bench press is terribly weak, due to the fact that i have uneven length of my arms. Therefore, i only can lift maximum 30kg dumbell (x4, with spot). My height is 1.68m. !

Here are my photos. My last time checking with an Inbody machine is that i have 21.2% BDF and 35.2kg of Muscle.


You’ve done a really good job losing the weight so far! Well done!

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Congrats on your weightloss so far, I suppose to answer your question, you have to be a bit more specific in what your current training program and diet is at the moment?

Also, what is your end goal? To be more athletic for your martial arts, or just to continue on losing weight, perhaps building muscle?
Where do you want to see your physique in 5 years?


I m so sorry for replying this late. I don’t usually log in here, and these days are in our Lunar New Year festival, i was busy having party and feast.

Well, I have a huge craze over Michael Jai White. One hell of a body but functional in the domain of Martial Arts. My diet is mostly at loose as i am trying to fix my metabolism. I have a busy life and too much restriction will put weight on my energy. I once lost consciousness due to that problem.

However, i still have a balance meal with a dominant of protein and keeping an eye on Carb and fat. Still, i m in love with VNmese coffee with condense milk. I mainly want to have some suggestions from everyone to have a ripped body but with a good coffee life like this.