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1 Year on TRT, Need Help Dialing In

With my anxiety being really high lately, should I come down from 120 ? I have a script for labs and wanted to wait but everything is booked until 3 week of September.

I happened to do a video on anxiety as well. Hope you find it helpful:

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Interesting. I just switched to every day dosing. Haven’t used an AI in a week. Yesterday, i was a hormonal mess - literally cried doing wood work in the basement over nothing. I’m not sure i’ve felt anxiety though.

I’m sure this is one of the symptoms i’ve heard referenced when people typically run back to their AI. I’ll push past it, but i’m wondering how long till other symptoms like weak erections/brain fog are gone. its been 7 days without any AI, and i switched up my entire protocol (daily injections to allow for removing AI) so everything’s in flux. My provider said it’d take about 10 days to level out, is that the communities experience here?

@dbossa In the video, you mention switching injections from Daily to EOD to twice/week. What kind of havoc does that do on your system when you change injection frequency only? Would it be the same wild fluctuations as changing protocol/adding/removing new meds?

Key words: Hormonal mess/switched up protocol/everything in flux.

I say it often in many videos: You will sometimes feel worse before you feel better. You need to wait until everything stabilizes.

Why 200mg of deca a week? That’s double the high limits of a therapeutic dose.

Why EOD shots for deca considering it has a really long half life?

0.5ml of HCG doesn’t tell me anything. How many IU are you taking a day?

Moving from EOD to daily and back doesn’t take all that long… but anytime I move to twice weekly (which simply doesn’t work for me regardless of what I’ve tried), takes about 2-3 weeks until it really starts to become noticeable. EOD is perfect for ME (ME being the keyword).

i must have wrote it wrong. Its only 80 deka/week, 160mg test cyp/week and 350 iu’s of HCG/week

But i’m injecting test and HCG daily, deka every other day. it seemed the easiest for me. I’m a pin cushion now, so i don’t mind the extra needle pokes. i could do deka every 3rd day i supposed. do you think that’d make a difference?

Every change of protocol will mess you up for at least 2-3 weeks. The first two weeks are most critical. If the protocol is right for you you can start feeling better after that.

Ive got messed like this only by changing the injection time from morning to afternoon in daily injeections

Just the body gets used to one rythm and you stress it out

I changed from subq to IM and immediate made a difference. Last 4 days I’ve felt better. Morning wood every single day. I’m still waiting on results, I got partial so far and my estradiol is 41 and shgb is 11.

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final results if anyone can help with them

DHEA: 384 (106-464)
ESTRADIOL: 41 (< OR = 39)
FREE TEST = 167.7 (35-155)
TEST TOTAL = 679 (250-1100)
SHBG = 11 (10-50)

I think you’re confusing me for someone else on this thread. I don’t take deca.

My protocol is 34 mg EOD, no hcg and no AI

With my latest labs, I’m not sure which route to go to start feeling good. I have noticed improvements from switching to IM over Subq.

Oops! My bad! Yup, confused you with the other guy.

What are your symptoms on this protocol and how do you feel? Also if you’re feeling better now that you switched to IM, why not wait it out a little?

Fatigue, hot flashes, anxiety, mild depression, brain fog.

You’re right, the IM injection is a recent development which I actually got from a video in your channel about proper injections. I’ll see where it leads me, I was always under the assumption subq and IM was just preference. Glad you shared your channel.

My Free T is out of range, first time testing it. My shgb continues to be low :frowning:

It is just preference for many guys. For others it makes a difference. Just one of those things you need to try.

Your free T is low by my standards… But the anxiety complicates things and makes it tricky.

Have you ever tried a higher or lower weekly dose and what was the difference for each compared to now?

Are you taking ANYTHING else? Supplements? Vitamins? Anything at all?

I’m prescribed 200 mg a week but I’ve never taken that much. I’m actually on the highest dosage I’ve ever been on at 34mg EOD or 119mg weekly. I’ve never felt good on it though and lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks from 175 to 160 which is pre TRT weight. I’m pretty sure it’s muscle I lost since I havn’t been going to the gym, my wife got COVID and so I had to take care of her these last few weeks. I actually didn’t catch it; negative test on both the swap and antibody test.

What I currently take daily

Vyvanse 30mg (ADHD) - Programmer
Magnesium 500mg Citrate
Vit D 5000

Recently started taking
Flameout DHA 2200mg/EPA 880mg

Is there a particular weekly dose that you have once tried where you believe you felt better than you feel now?

For me it makes huge difference whether IM or sub q. Sub q stopped working somewhere down the row, my levels fell significantly. Recently started deep proper IM and levels started immediately going up on the same dose

Also there is something Ive discovered for myself. For somenweird reason sustanon makes me feel better than any other ester out there on same dose same protocol etc. Luckily I was forced to start trt with that because it was the only available. Then I tried enanthate and cyp but only sustanon gives me a feel of well being.
Normaly it is crappy ester for most people. But for somebody who has tried all other without success - I would give it a shot. It works totally different than enanthate and cyp.

I’ve only experienced physical benefits on TRT. 50 mg twice a day was the protocol I was on the longest. Ups and downs, a lot of bad information. I looked over my journal during those days and I measured my effectiveness by my libido. Some weeks I was a monsters and others I struggled to perform. I was also on AI back than, so that explains the rollercoaster.

Can I assume you meant to say 50mg twice a WEEK?

Right now you’re reporting feeling better on IM EOD. Keep doing that for now and don’t change anything. Give it a few weeks and see if the improvements continue.

Yes, my bad. Will do, I’ll stick to it and see how I feel.

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