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1 Year on Nebido, Still Low Testosterone and DHT


please help. I have no energy no libido. Have been 1 year on Nebido and no change in my lab resutls. Testosteron and DHT is even lower then before Nebido. I get Nebido every 10 weeks.
S-Testosteron: 4,16 (1,42-9,23 normal)
S-Estradiol: 22 (11-44 normal)
DHT: 259 (16 Dec 2019), 295 (15 May 2020) (300-850 normal)

2008-2010 have been on TRT (gel) - great libido, so much energy
2010-2017 I stoped gel and without TRT great libido so much energy. Durring workout I took L-Carnitine.
Then in 2018 suddenly libido problem, constipation, pelvis flour pain, ED.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t understand why testosterone and dht are so low and I’m on Nebido.

Year ago doctor discovered I have small deformation growing in my thyroid gland but the results are normal.

Thanks for your help

It’s not working for you. Is it possible to switch to weekly testosterone injections using a different ester?

Very common.

thanks highpull for reply.

I’m from Slovenia and my only options for now are Nebido or testosterone gel. I will try to find some endocrinologist who could give me weekly testosterone injections.
What do you think about DHEA supplementation?

I forgot to mention i’m 36 years old. From my childhood to mid 20 I was in track and field and then in fitnes. Always active, never overweight.

Nebido is a terrible protocol. It’s a 1g shot every 10 weeks right? I’m from an European country as well, and here I get Androtardyl, which is enanthate, 250mg every 3 weeks. Needless to say, terrible protocol as well.
If nebido is your only option, there isn’t much you can do besides trying to get more, and splitting the dosage (do 100mg weekly for 10 weeks at first). Otherwise get androtardyl and split it weekly as well.

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I use it. Do your know your DHEA-S level?

Those aren’t great options really. What do you do, take as prescribed or use UGL to top off the tank?

I never took the test. I will took it next week. Do you see improvement with DHEA?

Yes, many report improvement in the ability to focus and think clearly as well as mood and memory.

Just got my resuts from DHEA: 6,62 (3,8-13,1). Do you think I would benefit from DHEA suplementation in my case? Does DHEA increase DHT? Which suplementation increase DHT? Thanks

Some possible solutions:

  • Ask if you could change your perscription so that it’s every 8 weeks. Furthermore, you might want to do the injections yourself, so that you can split the dosage into 2 x 4 weeks

  • Testoviron is used in Europe as well. Typically, this only applies to cases where Nebido and Testogel do not yield satisfactory results. You might ask your doctor about that

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Yes, yes and increase fat and carbohydrate intake,boron.

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What about Tribulus Terrestris is it any good?