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1 Year of Progress- Physique Critique


This is what Ive done in a year. I started in June of 2013 at 135lbs 5'9 and got up to 160 before my senior year of track and field and by the end of it I was 145lbs. So keep in mind a sprinter's physique is what I'm going for, not Ronnie Coleman. I'm trying to get up to around 160 again but still be decently lean maybe a tad bit leaner than the after photos by June of 2015.

my routine was as follows:
Repeat, rest

So a comment about my progress, lagging parts, suggestions and or a physique critique would be nice.


more pics, I dont know why they didnt show up originally


pics cont




last one


If you’re trying to be a sprinter I wouldn’t worry too much about physique and more about performance. A lot of these athletes build the physique they have off training that will benefit them in their sport. They don’t care about looking aesthetic lol.


Nice transformation mate, keep going!