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1 Year of Pain ~ HGH

I have been out of the gym for a year. I have ligament laxity in a rib/ribs in my upper left back and chest. This causes pain, spasms, popping, cracking, snapping, sharp and dull aches and involuntary muscle twitching when relaxing from a cns malfunction. Ligaments seem to never heal especially when every breath you take and move you make the rib is moving.

I had done 7 treatments of prolozone, which seemed to help alot but which got re-screwed up by a osteopath. And I was unsure how effective it was as so easily screwed up again.

I have done 1 treatment of prolotherapy so far. The solution was hypertonic dextrose 12.5-20% (unsure) with 2IU’s of GH. I am getting treatments like this every 2-3 weeks. With and estimation of 4-7 total.

Now my question is, would me running HGH on my own accord as well as the treatment be worth it? The doc was using 2IU’s, which is nothing but remember he is injecting that directly into the rib ligament injury. If I ran my own HGH, I couldnt pin it into the injury site as I cant pin my ribs in my back and chest.

I am still a natural with 3 years of solid training. I had gotten 18.4 arms before this injury and was planning on cycling a couple years down the road although now if this doesnt heal I will most likely kill self. Any help bros?

Are you doing 2IU’s daily or just once in the ribs every 2-3 weeks?

I’ve been running 2-3 Ius HGH now for 6 weeks to help with a shoulder injury (type 2 slap tear) and its been great. The nurse & Dr that script it to me both say injecting in my shoulder IM is not as effective as SQ… It seems that in my reading that SQ is way to go with HGH. I really dont think 2ius in your ribs once in a awhile will do much. I could be wrong but probably 2-3 ius 5x a week for 8-12 weeks would be a starting point. Everything I’ve see says HGH takes some real time to get to work. For myself I felt noticlble diferences in the 1st 2 weeks but that could have to do with diet, and rehab program as well.

IMO there is alot of fake HGH out there so get it from a DR or go to a med spa or anti aging clinic… It will be less than street price… Also it may be better to pay at the clinic then let insurance in on it depends on who you got… It comes in powder in a 25iu bottle which after mixed stays good for 3 weeks they say so its best to mix it your self or have the nurse do it… If you buy vials from a bro who knows how old that shit is…