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1 Year of Hardwork--Rate Me

You look the same as you did three months ago. You said you were going to bulk, what happened to that?

You weigh 150lbs how good do you think you can look? This is a bodybuilding forum not a modeling forum.

You’re strong for a freshmen- I don’t know any that bench 1.5x their bodyweight.

[quote]4est wrote:
“Overcoming the Pressure of a Six-Pack: How I Gained 100 lbs in High School”


The article is fine and all, but he was a lineman. No telling what position this kid is. Being on this site makes it seems like your focus is on bodybuilding. Is this true? If it’s for football, then you need to focus on your athletecism, skills, position, skills, and athletecism. Forget about rate your physique.