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1 Year of Hardwork--Rate Me


I am a Freshman at Triad High School, and I currently play football, which is coming up soon and I have been getting ready for the season.

I am about 5'9, 5'10
Weight 150 and would like to put on 10 more pounds

I started working about at the end of 8th grade, but the start of my freshman year is when I really started to put in a lot of hours in the weight room.

My bench is 225, Squat is 275, Dead lift is 315, and my power clean is 185.
Please tell me how I look as of now and constructive criticism would be great.










Stay in the weight room and keep working hard. You are on the right trac. Also, pull your pants up.


lol^Its just a modeling picture I took for someone.


for a freshman in high school you deff get a 9.

keep working hard.


Looking good :slightly_smiling:

Althrough I do indeed think you should work on your trapz (BB Shrugs fx), biceps (chins, rows and curls) and triceps (dips, bench, triceps extensions).


Your starting off good; but I think you can stand to put on more than 10lbs.


Most definitely.


I would suggest that you do not train for aesthetics. I wouldn't go around picking parts of your body to improve unless it's advantageous to your game. Do excercsises and train in a way that will carry over and improve your performance on the field, a good phsyique will follow.

Get a good program together for both on and offseason as you will need to train differently during both times and have different phases of training as well.

Also, it would be a good idea to develop a decent nutrition plan. It doesn't have to be as strict as a more elite athelete or bodybuilder, just make good choices that will again improve your performance. I would also not restrict your cals unles you are getting fat and sloppy, this is a time when your hormones are high and you can put on a substantial amount of mass that can carryover for years down the road.

Your young and you have a ton of room for growth and improvement on and off the field. These are just my suggestions. Keep training.


Well currently im on the Bigger, Faster, Stronger program which has been working out great but I seem to be stuck at 150 for weight, and I need to put on atleast 5 more lbs and 10 would be great...
But with track it has kinda limited me to working out since I cant workout my legs on a day when a track meet is the next day...
but any suggestions on what I should eat would be great...here is an outline of what I eat:


Leftovers---> 2 pieces of fish, rice, and corn
2 Hard Fried Eggs on wheat bread with a tall glass of milk


Nachos w/ cheese,tomatoes,lettuce,jalapenos, and meat w/ water
Bread bowl w/ broccoly/potatoe soup w/ water
A Large Hamburger w/ water


Fish, Rice, Corn
Rice and Stir Fry--->Includes string beans, and chicken breast
Steak and Potatoes
Pasta with Shrimp or Crab in it

I need to pack on this weight quick and my body should be able to take on a little bit of fat, but suggestions would help.


You have a good attitude and youre not afraid to gain some fat. You get points for that.

Heres the deal. If you want to gain weight, youre going to have to eat more. If you are on a budget, remember that whole milk, tuna, and eggs are fairly cheap. Do some searching online. There are a lot of places that sell whey protein at bulk prices. You can pick up 10 lbs or so for under 40 bucks pretty easily.

If you are playing football, then you are burning a LOT of calories and you need to be in an excess in order to gain. Maybe make your breakfast into 4 or 5 eggs. Add some cheese too. If you cant get your hands on some whey for your post workouts, dont sweat it. Drink a big glass of chocolate milk and youll be alright.

Make sure you drink a lot of water. Eat every 2 hours if you can. Eat big, work hard, and rest adequately. Youll see results.


I have whey protein but I havnt been taking it because since I am in track and can't go get at the weights like I would want to so once track is over(this thursday) Im goin to get two containers of muscle milk(I've read about the side-effects of it)and I will start taking my whey again.

Yea money is not a problem and 4-5 eggs with chesse sounds good.....and sometimes I'll just eat peanut butter by itself as a snack, but gaining some fat isnt a problem


The protein is only gonna help you with track, and a little extra muscle never seemed to hurt me in track.

Keep up the good attitude.



There is your problem, why is your bench so close to your squat? STOP BENCHING and get SQUATTING you lazy kid!

There hope that works.

Seriously though it looks like you are neglecting squat and dead - even if only a bit - compared to bench and clean. My only advice is change that, and eat a lot more calories, a LOT more.

How old are you? How old are "freshmen?" 16?

I think you have potential and good on you for focus on the big lifts and looking at this site for real info.

Also, by football, do you mean soccer? rugby? gridiron? league? AFL? I am guessing gridiron if you need more weight (?)

Also, you are not huge so you can put on lots of size over the years, and even carry some fat if you want, and you have a physique that is good by normal/modelling standards, so you should be happy about that.


"Overcoming the Pressure of a Six-Pack: How I Gained 100 lbs in High School"



pull your pants waaaay up. they should be 4-5 inches higher