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Ok all little tough today and hell been a tough year. AS many know I and well my family lost the best person I think Ill ever know. The strongest the most caring, loving hard headed, pain in the ass, help you up when your down, boost ya when you need it kick it in the same if needed.

My mom a true I guess we’ll say T-Vixen I was going to say T-Man as in Man the larger picture.

Anyway just wanted to give a shout out post a pis or to bump my thread with what mom and myself went through and to thank you all a TON for the help, inspiration and hell love you passed to us over the fight You all dont know how much you helped. I can say you all were a huge help for me and her in the battle and journey that had the expectation or diagnoses of being 3 months and we were able to extend to 4 years, many hard times but a ton of good ones and lots of love and lessons shared.


I will close with adding a pic or two a link to the thread and the little blurb I had posted in the local paper.

August 30th 1951 to November 14th 2005

One year has passed. Though your gone from this earth you’ll never be out of our minds and hearts. We miss you more than words can express but above all we cherish every single year, month, day and minute we were able to share with you. Good moments, bad moments and everything between. The real things that we shared, no one can take them from us and that?s what we have now to get by. Here?s to all the memories and to our constant struggle to not dwell on the loss but to celebrate the times we had, and things we gained from just having been lucky enough to be close to you.

Love ya Mom/Phyllis,
Phil, Rob, and David

Mom and dad back in the day

mom and I gosh about 1 year before her passing after loss of a lung two brain surgeries etc.

TOUGH AS NAILS post lung removal and few weeks post first brain tumor surgery. Not letting that shit get her down.

sporting the T-Vixen bucket I made her at the zoo boy I did a LOT of zoo’s in four years across the US good times.

I better stop somewhere. Im not positive what she was pondering here Gosh have plenty of guesses and more than likey a good idea we shared a TON heck anything/everything during this journey.

Ill never forget we had some though time I was a pain in the ass at time and push you damn hard but you also asked for it. You wanted it keep you, us going, trainiung diet, keep going. Caner two, NO keep going, 3 NO keep going, 4 shit aint stopping us were going to beat it keep going, man we put up a hell of a fight and for all I gave I had to do it. It wasnt a chore but something I had to do wanted to do. You did and would do the same for me. I can honestly say as well that while I was relegated to teacher, trainer etc most times I learned at least two fold from you that I was able to give.

Love ya MOM,

Thanks again T-Nation from myself and my Mom.

We never forget.

Stay positive.


My mother passed away suddenly 1 1/2 months ago. She died from injuries sustained from a fall at home. Even writing this is tough for me.

My training and support from my friends has really helped me through so far. Each day that goes by seems like a bad dream at the moment.

I remember your post from last year - mostly because the love with which you described your mum is exactly how I feel about mine. Also my mum was a fighter, a black belt in judo and hard as nails, who also battled with cancer.

Thanks for sharing your story Phil.
We will never forget.

Sorry about your loss Phil, but she does live on in your heart and others.

A very moving story. Thanks Phil for sharing your mum’s love with us.
Thanks also to Professor X for the link to his beautiful words.
I lost my dad 8 years ago and my younger brother 4 years ago. My mum is now strong after 3 heart attacks since our kid’s departure.
Every day is precious.


Very sorry about the loss of your mom, but what an excellent way to remember
her! Thank you for sharing!


I remember you sharing some of those moments with us here before as well. Just wanted to express my sorrow and say it brings a tear to my eye.

Wow. What an extraordinary, incredibly strong woman.

From your posts, it looks like anyone who had the opportunity to have met your mom was lucky and probably made a better person because of it.

Looking at all the things you’ve been accomplishing in the relatively short time you’ve been sharing your posts on T-Nation, I think it’s obvious that her spirit is living strong through you.

I’m sure she died a very proud mother.

Very nice tribute. God bless.


I hope you and your family have peace. Keep you in my prayers.

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I know what you are going through & how tough it is. I lost my mother in a car accident a few years ago.

You have made some beautiful memories with her. How blessed you are to have been able to be there for her & take care of her.



She had to be an amazing woman to have such a great son. I know she’s proud of you. I actually think of her often, I think of the time you and I were out in the foothills and you told me about her and her fight. I am blessed to know you and to have known your mom’s spirit.

And the T-Vixen hat lives on!


She sounds like an amazing woman. Your love for her comes thru loud and clear. I am very sorry for your loss. I hope I can build the kind of relationship you two had with my own sons. Thank you for the reminder of what is truly important.