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1 Year into TRT, Boners are Now Weak

6’1, 215lbs. 39 years old. Workout and eat well. A year in (200mgs every other week) and I have noticed a ton of 80%(ish) boners that I never suffered from before. Starts fine but loses steam. Life has been good generally.

After browsing a few of the these threads here, it seems like I have too high SHGB still and perhaps I should increase frequency and possibly increase dosage? Last labs:

Bio-T: 433ng/dl
Total T: 1155ng/dl
SHGB: 42nmol/L
Estradiol: 41pg/ml

Those numbers are high for me. All others are usually 200 bio, 650 total, SHGB of 50, Estradiol of 25.

I am also wondering about going off TRT completely, and whether or not that would likely get me back to the sexual function I had before I started it? Probably an incorrect thought there but Im open to it. I can’t quite get a feel for if this boner issue might be TRT caused, or if it should help if I am dosed right, or if I am just getting old!

In my opinion, this is your problem. Your levels are peaking and crashing on this protocol. Its a common protocol prescribed by dumbass doctors. No need to increase your dose right now, just pin 50 m twice weekly (I do Sundays and Wednesdays) and wait for your body to stabilize. If there is no progress, you may want to increase your dose by 25 mg/week or so (still pinning twice per week).


awesome man, thanks. I’ll do that. Doing shooting it sub q into my stomach near the belly button as well which is what my doc told me to do. That right?

When were these taken? That’s pretty high for day 14 after your shot

This is a terrible protocol that creates big peaks and troughs, levels are very high the first week, levels are substantially lower at trough.

If these levels are high for you and now you’re having slight ED issues as a result of levels being higher than when you first started TRT, then possibly lowering your levels will resolves the issues.

My erections get on the softer side when E2 approaches the 40’s, bringing E2 down to the low 30’s improves hardness factor as well as sensitivity.

You do need to get on a better protocol though, once or twice weekly is probably best considering how well you have done up to this point on an EOW protocol. Note increasing the frequency at the same dosage will see levels substantially higher because your levels won’t have the extra week on the decline.

Ding ding ding

You may be similar to my situation. When my Estradiol hit the 40’s my boners were squeezable. When I hit 50 I had no erections. My TRT facility offered me Aramidex once a week .25mg that’s a quarter of a very tiny pill. On the 3rd day that night I was back in action. I’m wondering what your Estradiol was on prior tests? Did you just arrive at 41?, were yo in the ~30’s or less. If so a great test for you would to take .25mg for a full week and play it out. If it works stay on that .25mg every seven days. With this drug less of it is more for you. What affects me negatively doesn’t necessarily effect other guys. I was amazed how it returned me to steel.
PS: I read lots of stuff saying the ideal Estrodiol was between 20-30… for me that is so True.

Sub Q is fine some guys. I personally, don’t like it as it causes welts. I use a 1/2" 25G in my delts

I’ve posted this several times before. Only to show that its more about T/E2 ratios than total E2. I don’t take any E2 control and my libido and erections are great and I’m 55.

I am learning here that I should always get tested right before my shot. I am thinking I must have taken a shot and got tested only a few days after. Now I know: Always do your blood work at the end of your cycle.

I have had 2 other tests while on TRT and Bio was 140-ish both times. Total was 633 both times. So that reading from Dec 2020 was abnormally high vs the others.

Estradiol was 24 pre-TRT and it was 25 in April. Jumped to 41 in my December labs. As did my T-levels. Seems like this Estradiol could be the issue because boners were fine in April time frame.

I will look into Aramidex. Any major side effects for you?

Interesting. Your ratio is 15:1 there. My ratio is 28:1 (1155/41) and my boners suck. I’m switching to 50mg of Test Cyp every Monday & Thursday.

Very much appreciate all of your responses! Happy new year all.

Maybe you’re having prolactin issues.

NO issues with .25mg. Its powerful. Folks that take higher doses fall of a cliff. You can find plenty of the stories here on this blog as well as YouTube. I take my .25mg every Friday morning at 4am. All you have to do is pick a day and a time and stick with it. Only quarter one pill at a time. You can get a cutter from any drug store. Reason is a discussed on this blog is by sticking to one pill if the compounding is bad and one quarter is more or less of the drug you will even it all out by week 4. I’m happy with it, it works for me. My brother G also takes the .25mg every week, with no issues. You really have nothing to loose, you may find hard wood in a few days. I would give it one month, if it fixes you its a keeper. If not your done with it. That’s how I viewed it.

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I got that checked before going on TRT and it was 5ng/ml which is on the lower side of “normal” per my labs. Haven’t got it checked since but I’ll make sure and get that next time.

What a labs do you had pre-trt?

Almost 3 years exactly to this day I had Bio-T of 54 and total of 447. So while the total T was within “normal range” my bioavailable was trash and all my symptoms matched low T. Still took a few more shitty tests before my doc would agree to go w TRT but ultimately she was great about it and is supportive.

I honestly don’t feel THAT good on the stuff, but I am less depressed and notice a better mood. But I haven’t really noticed much significant improvement in the gym yet. But I’m happy to be feeling happier on this stuff.

Don’t start Arimidex.
Sort out your crappy fortnightly protocol, give it 8-10 weeks and see how you’re feeling, maybe get bloods and see what your levels are.