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1 Year Bulk - With Fat!

1 year bulk

the rules:

  1. I can eat whatever I want, however I am sensible and will try to keep to wholesome carbs

in the morning and around workout times.

  1. I will be 1 pound heavier each Monday than I was the previous Monday. If by Friday I do

not think I will make this, i will pig out major style over the weekend to try and make it.

  1. I will do a strength training programme that involves improving EVERY single session.
    I think I will choose starting strength 5X5 and do this until a 1.5x bodyweight squat.
    After i will go to a generic split style.

  2. I will take creatine and BCAAs around workouts and fish oil at other times.

  3. I will do no devoted cardio. I will walk for an average of 40 mins (to work/gym) each day

  • this will suffice.

The biggest issue for me will be accepting fat loss.

My solution is this:

every inch on my waist must accompany 6-7 pounds of weight gain.

If the inches overtake the weight, I will implement what I call the ‘ProffX protocol’.

This protocol means I simply eat less junk than previously and do a little more cardio.

I will be happy with a 40 pound weight gain over 1 year, with at least half of that being


I will put a log in the training log section.

In this log I will keep a weekly entry of my weight and waist measurement.
I will briefly explain my programme and general eating habits/quantities.

I will go into no detail.

I will simply eat until I gain a pound a week, and lift progressively heavier weights.

Im hoping it will be an easy read and somewhere you can point newbs to to say 'this is how

simple it is - dont overcomplicate it’

Day 1.

the 1st 2 weeks will not be subject to the 1 pound per week rule.

I am currently on 3200 cals / day

I am building up from my cut cals of 2500. (300 each week)

So by Friday ill be on 3500 which is my maintenance.

And the next Friday ill hopefully be on 4k a day for growth.

current stats:

waist: 33.2
navel waist: 35
hips: 39
neck: 15.1
forearm: 12.5
wrist 7

height 6 foot 1

weight 211

body fat % : 10% - 15.9% (different calculators give this range)

average body fat: 12.95%

lbm: 183.7
fat: 27.3

im expecting maybe a little bit more fat/weight loss during the next 2 weeks as im doing the light training at the beginning of starting strength but with a cal deficit.

in 2 weeks I will take new readings, and post pics to get this party officially going.



i’ll be watching this blog quite intently please keep us updated and informed

Curious- Do you find it hard to gain weight, or are you just going for MAX strength/size in your chosen timeframe?

I will be ‘eating’ vicariously through your program! This will be fun to watch-- good luck!

the idea is to keep things as simple as possible.

everyone is always recommending ‘eat more’ ‘lift big’

im looking to prove that is in fact all you need to do.

no gimmicks, no advanced bits and bobs. Im just going to act like a farm boy. eat like a horse and lift heavy shit.

I have been on this program for a while and doing well. I will be following your progress, good luck.

Farm boy program. It works. I am proof of that. Except when you leave the farm…


as i suspected, up-ing my cals to almost maintenance and starting the strength program have led to fat loss.

210 pounds.
34.5 inch waist (half inch lost)

come monday ill be into a small surplus.

Hey, chutec!

I’ve just looked up your fat loss result photos.

Good work!

How about remaining for a little longer at your maintenance level to give your body time to get used to your body fat level?

That doesn’t necessarily mean not to build muscle; I still have to meet a FFB who can’t build muscle at his caloric maintenance level or just very slightly above that (heck, I even do it on diets).

Good luck, man!

Hi Fatty,

im still technically at my maintenance, just easing in the carbs atm.

ive seen my 1st spike in bodyweight today though, but im still marking it up to water retention, glycogen and more food in the system!

weight 212.

waist 35 (post car up)

Hey, chutec!

At the risk of sounding like a pansy: go as slowly as possible with your bulk. I’ve seen too many people losing it and a great body while bulking.

I don’t want to insinuate you’re not balls-to-the-walls serious about doing it right, but it’s just so damn easy to slip up and to rationalize.

Luck, chutec!

Btw, those are some good tree-trunks you call your legs.

Fatty McFatpants. ( - _ - )

lol thanks.

ive had a ‘rationalising’ few days. birthdays, anniversary, etcetc.

So ive put on fat and undone some progress.

but in general ill be moving up from maintenance by about 100 cals every 3-4 days.

If I see more than 1 pound of weight a week, or an inch of waist without 6-7 pounds, then ill drop back down and rethink the composition.

weight - 213.75

waist 35.8

bf - 13.75%

29.4 fat
184.35 lbm

weight 213

weight 212.

ok to my ‘bulk’ doesnt seem to be off to much of a flyer, but ive been eating 3100-3300 cals / day and this has resulted in a small drop in weight.

So now in response to this im going to 3500-3600 / day until next friday in the hope that my weight will stay the same.

Then I will up it into an excess to coincide with my starting strength program getting up to the numbers I was previously lifting, so that ill be in excess more and more as the weight s get heavier and heavier.

ill then be aiming for a pound per week gained and increase cals to achieve this.

so far ive been eating 80% clean unprocessed, 10% clean processed (e.g cafeteria healthy options with questionable ingredients) and 10% unclean whole foods (wholemeal muffins, scones, white potato)

so i have yet to implement trashy food and will only do this if I would otherwise fail to make the 1 pound gain for the week

lol weight 211.5 today.

waist 35.5

weight 215.5

waist 35.5

I think this extra weight was due to a pretty heavy day of eating yesterday, I felt bloated going to bed, and so I think I still have a lot of it in me!

seems my weight has steadied out at 215.5 which is good.

waist was 36 inches this morning though.

first 17 days.

weight 212—>215.5

waist 35—>36

For me this is not fufilling the only rule which is to try and gain 5 pounds of muscle for every waist inch.

I have been on an average of 3550 cals a day so far (which is maintenance according to alot of different calcs and estimations)

So obviously either one of two things haas happened:

  1. my maintenance is actually lower than the conventional estimates can predict

  2. Im still pulling on water/glycogen weight and im generally more stuffed (both muscle wise and stomach wise) at measuring time than I was previously…making me seem bigger and heavier.

anyway, I upped my cal intake to 3800 4 days ago to compensate for the fact my training has taken me up past my previous best lifts.

Im hoping that my body is now fully adjusted and that my waist will increase at a slower rate.

However if my next measure in a few weeks shows similar results I will do 1 simple thing - cut out carbs except 1st thing and PWO.

(at the moment im being liberal about this - for example im sipping on a smoothie with oats and fruit at 10.20 - 3 hours after waking).