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1 Year Blast/Cruise, 2 Months Off in Isolation. What Now?

40yrs, 280 lbs, 6’5 here, I was on test e for one round year, no ugly side effects and correct bloodwork, I used some high doses at the beginning, then took it slower and last 6 months just cruised on 250 p/w, but then suddenly I’ve been put in this crazy isolation room for two months. The best I can afford were three poor meals per day, two 30lbs dumbells and no test E or anything at all…Today, I got back home, at last, the gym is closed, I don’t even have those weights, I have 10 amps of 250 test e, I have 50% of the food I used to eat. I don’t have some enormous lost on body and strength, sex drive is ok, libido is crazy after isolation. What should I do, just to continue where I stopped, on 250 test E p/w?

Are you planning on doing TRT? If not do you have Nolva or Clomid?

Of course, I just dont know how to continue after sudden break. I have Nolva and it’s cheap here, 5$ per box.


Take a TRT dose, do what you can with home workouts, then start a blast when gyms open


Do your PCT, light home workouts, then jump on cycle when gyms open

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First option, I even talk to the guy.