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1 Year Anniversary !

So ya today is my 1 year anniversary ^^
This time last year i entered the gym for my 1st time ever, since then thanks to T-Nation et al i have learned so much :slight_smile:

In between all that learning i have done the basic fitness cert to work in gyms, took me 23 years to learn wtf i wanted to do with my life… now i get to help others do what i do !

In the last year, i have completely changed and renovated my entire life, attitude & personality.

Thanks to many people i have grown to 214 1/2 (yes a 1/2) lbs and look to keep going… i have absorbed the mass gainers philosophy ^^

So basically this is just a thank you to everyone who took the time to write an article, answer a dumb question when i started (or even now) and never let me want for info.

Hopefully in my 2 year anniversary i will be even bigger than now, i want to aim for around 230-240 lbs then i will cut all the way down, probably leave me with hopefully 200-210 being the extreme guess on my bf.

I suppose i could write the whole “what i learned” but i won’t all the info i know is here on T-Nation if you want something bad enough you will take time out and read :slight_smile:

In closing, did i mention a big THANK YOU !

And for those lift oriented, and i LOVE my strength !

Starting Back Squat–>> 40kgs
Starting Front Squat–>> 30kgs
Starting Deadlift–>> 60kgs
Only started Deadlifting 6 months ago give me time !
Starting Romanian Deadlift–>> 30kgs
Starting Bench Press–>>30kgs
Starting Chin ups–>> 0 !!!

As of now Back Squat–>> 145kgs
As of now Front Squat–>> 110kgs
As of now Deadlift–>> 135kgs
As of now Romanian Deadlift -->> 90kgs
As of now Bench Press–>> 90 ( i fucking hate bench press)
As of now Chin Ups–>> 15 in one go
(cts “keep your chin up” article is without doubt worth its weight in gold.

Next year i hope to attain:

Back Squat–>> 220kgs
Front Squat–>> 200kgs
Deadlift–>> 300 (ambitious i know)
Romanian Deadlift–>> 150kgs
Bench Press -->> Fucking bench press can suck my left testicle, might just go for dips ! But i hope to attaim at LEAST 150 if possible… did i mention i fucking hate bench press

And that is that :slight_smile:

Critical Bench Program, 50lbs in 10 weeks… It works

Well congrats. T-Nation did the same for me was great to get educated and see tome like minded indivuals for a change.

As for Bench i’m starting to hate it myself I just don’t feel it’s developing me I’ve subbed it with Incline Bench. Doesn’t seem to tweak my shoulder and I feel it develops my chest better overall.

[quote]mingledorff7 wrote:
Critical Bench Program, 50lbs in 10 weeks… It works[/quote]

Probably will have to do that or something like that at some stage… im just the most anti chest/arm person your going to meet ^^
I differ from 90% of the gym population, i LOVE my squats and deadlifts… leg day is without doubt my favourite.

Interesting that your back squat is 10kg more than your deadlift. Grip issues?
Whats your depth on the squats?

Keep at it and congratulations on your gains.

We both started at the same strength, feels good to not be a weakling anymore eh?

Congratulations and best of luck taking it to the next level =)

[quote]rbpowerhouse wrote:
Interesting that your back squat is 10kg more than your deadlift. Grip issues?
Whats your depth on the squats? [/quote]

Ya I know, only started doing deadlifts half way through the year, had to make sure i was doing em right. Hardly no one in the gym i go does them OR squats :slight_smile:

And my squats are atg, i learned how to get properly down from Dan Johns Fitcast.

And yes now im starting to have grip issues, i ordered some COC grip strengtheners and will use CT’s “keep your chin up” grip/forearm routine to try fix it.

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the skys the limit.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Well done mate. Keep it up :slight_smile:


Thanking you :slight_smile:
If anyone has helped me alot it has been your helluva LOT of words of wisdom.
Cheers mate ^^

I’m assuming by the name you live in Cork then? I am moving there in about 5 weeks for a job. Where in Cork do you train? By the way, great progress on the lifts and good luck with the coming year.

Erm ya i live in Cork :slight_smile:
Let me know when you arrive, if you need a tour round the place.

Are there any “hardcore” gyms in Cork? I’m just looking for an environment that is bare bones and has the basic equipment…platforms, racks, etc.

You have no hope :slight_smile:
But i go to a commercial gym, but just go late night or mid afternoon and place is empty.
Allow all lifts and just leave you alone.

What’s the name of the gym you go to?


If any more questions just pm me :slight_smile:
Let this thread die.